Long-Term Content Marketing Plan: The Successful Blueprint for 2015


Long-term content marketing plans. What the heck are they, and how do they benefit small business owners and Internet marketers?

The basic definition is…

A sketch of email campaigns, lead magnets, video sales letters, landing pages, etc. Every method you’ll use to communicate with and captivate your audience—there it is, right there on your marketing content to-do list.

Now that 2015 has arrived, you might be working on this very thing, but there are pros and cons/dos and don’ts to factor into your blueprint.

Long-term content marketing plans, especially ones that stretch for 6 months or more, are much like a marriage—they take commitment, ongoing work, a solid foundation, and improvement.

That last pillar, improving marketing content, is the queen mother of successful action plans. Even if you spend countless hours sketching out every last detail of your 2015 marketing plan, not one element is etched in stone.

Part of the goal of your marketing blueprint is to be proactive about the year ahead, but it’s easy to fall into a trap.

After all, once you finish the foundational marketing work, you might think, “Woo-hoo, mission accomplished. Time to put this bad boy on auto-pilot and concentrate on other agenda items.”

Wrong. No. Bad. Stop that dangerous train of thought.

Our professional copywriters are here to help you step over that dangerous pitfall. As you build your content framework, consider these dos and don’ts that will save you time, hassle, and trouble .


DO factor in your big-picture business goals:

Without an overall goal, your 2015 marketing blueprint will fall flat. The reason for that is the overall goal serves as your compass, so keep the focus on what you want the content to achieve.

DON’T marry every single element of your content marketing plan:

That’s right, not everything will work out as you planned it. Despite the best-laid plans and thoughtful strategies, there might be a clinker in your marketing content.

Cut it, rethink it, redo it.

DO love your audience:

Do you have a customer avatar? If you don’t, you should.

To clarify, your customer avatar is the poster child for your audience as a whole. She has very specific wants, needs, hobbies, likes, dislikes, pains, pleasures, etc.

When you factor your customer avatar into your plan, you show your audience that you empathize and care about them.

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DON’T plan “umbrella content:”

To piggyback on the “love your audience” pillar, one way to show your understanding is to avoid umbrella content. In planning your 2015 marketing, delete the idea of one-size-fits-all from your brain.

If you reach out to everyone, you get no one.

DO spend time tweaking:

Do you split test?

You really should.

Even though you’ve got the plan, it needs to be adaptable. When a split test reveals that one element falls short, then take the time to amend your overall strategy.

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DON’T work solo if something goes awry.

Listen up: there are copywriting and content marketing professionals out there who have taken long-term marketing plans from blueprint to successful reality.

You know that—otherwise you wouldn’t have read this blog.

If you have big marketing plans for 2015…

Work with our professional copywriting team.


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