5 Reasons People Stop Reading Your Marketing Content

You’ve put hours into drafting a piece of content. You selected the finest royalty-free images the internet has to offer. And, you’ve hired an editor to ensure your copy is as clean as a whistle. Now, the time has...

product photos

The Product Description Checklist

(Source) Despite the fact that eCommerce is relatively new, there are best practices that online retailers use to increase conversions and customer engagement. From developing email marketing strategies to utilizing a FAQs page in order to address common customer...


Persuasive Writing 101: A Guide to Getting Customers on Board

Think about any time you’ve entered a brick-and-mortar retail store…only to be greeted by an overly aggressive sales associate. Or someone who doesn’t acknowledge you at all. Neither strategy is effective in encouraging you to make a purchase–even if...


3 Ways to Test the Effectiveness of Your Copy

When it comes to writing blog posts, emails, and web copy for your business, it can be tricky to judge the effectiveness of your copy. Sure, you may have friends and colleagues tell you that they enjoy your writing....


5 Tips for Cross-selling like A Pro

  In the digital marketing and eCommerce world, conversion is one of the more common buzzwords you’ll find consistently used in meetings, websites, techniques, and other materials. But effective selling isn’t merely about making that first sell. That’s only...


3 Tips for Internal and External Linking within Your Blog Posts

  A good blog post doesn’t simply consist of clean and persuasive copy. An effective copywriter knows that whenever he or she sets out to write a new blog post, there are a few elements that are important to...

Email engagement

The Secret Ingredients to Successful Re-Engagement Emails

Think about your email inbox for a second. If you’re like most people, doing so might bring you a sense of anxiety. You may feel your heart rate quicken as little beads of sweat suddenly appear on your forehead....


5 SEO Tools That Could Make All the Difference for Your Business

Consider the following hypothetical scenario: It’s been your lifelong dream to become a culinary chef. One day, you decide it’s time to finally make it happen. You sign up to take several months of cooking classes in order to...

hand holding a compass

From Prospect to Customer: Design a Winning Customer Journey

The Oxford Dictionary defines a journey as “an act of travelling from one place to another.” However, a journey entails much more than simply moving from one place to another. Often, at the end of the journey, we’ve changed–we’re...

couple sitting watching the sunset

Customer Value Optimization: 8 Steps to Building a Successful Customer Relationship

(Source) Oooh, the trials and tribulations of dating. The act of pursuing a love interest or romantic partner can be both exhilarating and frustrating, regardless of gender, nationality, sexuality, or age. Although the details may vary, oftentimes, the act...

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