3 Content Types Vital to Your Marketing Funnel

TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU…nope, we’re not opening a new vegan restaurant or developing a new form of ancient Chinese martial arts.

We’re talking about the top, middle, and bottom levels of your content marketing funnel.

The goal of each level: to work together to bring in new customers for your business, increase your revenue stream, and nurture lifelong customers.

So, how exactly do you use TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU together to reach your goals?

Keep reading and, as Digital Marketer Certified Partners, we’ll be happy to walk you through each level of content for your marketing funnel.

Oh, and thanks to Digital Marketer for allowing us to share these TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU graphics.

Top of the Funnel Content

At the top of your content marketing funnel is your TOFU content.

The purpose of this content is to draw in cold prospects, grow your retargeting lists, increase engagement, and increase traffic.

Dang! Somebody needs to give TOFU a raise because that’s a lot of responsibility.

And it is…but not to worry, once you know how to create TOFU content, it will do a lot of the work for you.

TOFU Content Types

To get started, check out the various TOFU content types to use in your marketing funnel below…

(Graphic courtesy of DigitalMarketer.com)

Now that you have an overview, let’s talk about some of our personal favorites from this list and why they work.


Blogs give you the opportunity to connect with new prospects through educational, informational, and valuable content.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say you own a bike repair shop, and you publish insightful articles on how to replace your bike tires.

Mountain biker Mike finds your blog and uses your information to change his bike tires before his next mountain biking race.

Your advice works, and Mike’s brand-new tires are great on the trails. But Mike unfortunately rides over a rock and bends the frame of his bike.

He trusts that you know what you’re talking about because of the tire information, so he decides to bring his bike to your shop for repair.

Yippee! A new customer!

Social Media

In this day and age, social media is something you really can’t avoid. And that’s a good thing because it’s a great way to draw in new prospects for your business.

Depending on your industry, platforms like Facebook and Twitter are a great place to have some fun with your audience.

Sure, it’s important that you post valuable information that’s useful to your readers.

But it’s also nice to get more personal, share fun stories, and even promote pictures of your pets.

Check out how we do it…

How does it help drive traffic and reel in new prospects?

It works because it’s fun and allows people to see the more “human” side of your business…and people like that.

And when people enjoy what you’re posting, they tend to “like” it and share it with friends and family and colleagues. And that means more eyes on your business.


People get tired of reading articles and scanning through case studies and other documents.

And for that reason, adding videos into your TOFU content marketing funnel strategy is always a good option.

Videos that contain useful information, or are just simply fun and enjoyable to watch, tend to get shared online.

And the more your videos get shared, the more prospects you will reach.

Videos also help your SEO game, so adding them to your website or blog can quickly help you rank higher on search engines.

And once again, that means more prospects are going to find you online.

TOFU Metrics

We’ve already established that TOFU content has a big job…but how do you know if it’s doing its job or not?

Easy. With metrics.

Always use analytics (Google analytics, Webmaster tools, Facebook Insights, or SEO Moz) to keep track of your TOFU successes and failures.

From there you can use metrics such as retargeting list growth, number of inbound links, and traffic numbers to give you a great view of what’s working and what’s not.

Once you know that, you can adjust your TOFU content strategy accordingly.

Middle of the Funnel Content

Your MOFU content is very important.

Don’t ignore it or forget it exists like you do with your middle child at home.

Because if you do, it will rebel, come home covered in crazy tattoos, and one-day ride off into the sunset on the back of a motorcycle with a guy named Snake.

(Wait…maybe that’s what happens with middle children…not middle of funnel content.)

Regardless, you must always pay attention to MOFU content and include it in your marketing funnel content strategy.

MOFU Content Types

Check out the following MOFU content types…

You’ll notice these content types are very different than the TOFU content types.

That’s because, at this point in the funnel, our goal is no longer to bring in cold prospects, but to nurture prospects, grow your emails lists, and push prospects toward the bottom of the funnel in hopes they will convert.

Here’s the most effective way to achieve that goal…

Create Lead Magnets

The best way to distribute MOFU level content is through a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is an irresistible bribe that gives a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for a piece of information.

And that piece of information is often an email address to grow your email lists.

How do you create a lead magnet?

It’s just creating a piece of content like you normally do, except this content has an incredibly valuable reward for your readers.

Here are a few types of content that work really well for lead magnets…

  • Educational resource content
  • Useful resource content
  • Software downloads
  • Discounts/coupon clubs
  • Quiz/surveys
  • Webinars/events

Here’s an example of a lead magnet we developed for a veterinarian.

All pet owners needed to do was provide an email address in exchange for this educational eBook on the dangers of pet food.

The reason it was successful: The value of pet owners knowing their cats and dogs are eating safe food far outweighs the trouble it takes to submit their email address.

Easy as that.

MOFU Metrics

You measure the success of your MOFU content by keeping track of…

  • The number of new leads you receive
  • Your email list growth
  • Your conversion rates
  • Your newsletter/email open rates

When you find a type of content that successfully increases one or more of the things listed above, continue to mimic what you did with new types of content.

Bottom of the Funnel Content

Finally, we’ve made the journey to BOFU content.

Once you’ve reached this level of the marketing funnel, BOFU’s job is to nurture your leads, continue to grow your retargeting lists, maximize your immediate customer value, and increase your retention and buyer frequency.

BOFU Content Types

Take a look at the best BOFU content types…

Once again, BOFU content is very different than TOFU or MOFU content. And that’s because the goal for this level of the funnel has changed.

And in order to meet the goals as stated above, BOFU content must deliver content that is designed to not make prospects convert, but to turn them into lifelong customers.

Here are a few of our favorite content types and why they help you meet your BOFU goals…

Free Trials

With so many sketchy products and services on the market, people often have a hard time committing to the purchase of a product or service. Especially when what you’re offering comes with a large price tag.

So, naturally, one of the best ways to combat your prospects’ fears of paying for something they don’t want, is to let them try it out free of charge.

Here’s an example of how Spotify used a free trial to bring in new premium members:

Once products know what they are getting themselves into, they will be more comfortable making the commitment of purchasing it.

And be sure to do this for as many products/services as you can.

Just because John Doe owns product A from you, doesn’t means he’s instantly going to trust that product B is as good.

Letting customers try out multiple products will give you an opportunity to increase your buying frequency.

Customer Stories

One of your most powerful sources of content comes straight from your existing customers’ mouths.

Ask customers to tell you why they love your product, gather testimonials, and then build a piece of content that shares that story.

People trust what other people say more strongly that what you’re going to say about yourself.

And if people are confident that others’ love your products/services, you’re bound to convert more frequently.


Webinars are a great way to keep people coming back to learn more about your products or services, which hopefully ends up with them purchasing from you.

If Prospect A attends your webinar, learns insightful information, and then ends up purchasing a product/service you recommend during that webinar, then way to go!

You were able to convert a prospect into a customer.

But the real magic happens when you use webinars to retain those customers by hosting multiple webinars that promote different products/service.

If Prospect A receives valuable info and a quality product/service from webinar #1, there’s a good chance he/she’s going to show up for webinar #2.

And when this happens, you’ve struck gold.

BOFU Metrics

And how do you know your BOFU strategy was a success? You look at the following metrics…

  • Number of sales
  • Number of qualified leads
  • Email click-through/open rates
  • Retargeting list growth
  • Retention rate
  • Buying frequency

Take a look at your BOFU content pieces and figure out what works the best for you.

Then replicate it for continued success!

Once you’ve covered TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU content, your funnel is complete!

(Content Lifecycle Funnel was created by DigitalMarketer.com)

Ahh, the power of using content to create a successful marketing funnel.


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