3 Tips to Beat the Working from Home Blues

In light of Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer’s mandate to increase productivity by bringing the workforce back into the office, the disadvantages of telecommuting have been on a lot of business owners’ minds lately.

Working from home means enjoying some clear benefits. You get to drink your favorite coffee, eat whatever snacks you want, save time by not commuting, and eliminate costly office rental fees.  All these advantages culminate by giving you more time to build relationships with clients and achieve bigger success.

But with the good comes the bad.

Many business owners who work from home miss face-to-face social interaction that comes with working in a traditional office. Not to mention, the distraction of chores and other domestic responsibilities cause many telecommuters to spend several more hours at their jobs than necessary, and miss out on activities they enjoy.

If you suffer from the working from home blues, not to worry! It all boils down to a strategy.

Read on for three tips on how to make your telecommuting experience more productive and rewarding.

1. Set Boundaries in Your Home Office

Since working from home presents distractions, stick to a strict regiment that allows you to concentrate on your tasks for the day. While it seems like a no-brainer to avoid watching television and wasting time on the Internet, the need to do your daily chores may draw you away from conducting business.

To stop that pile of dirty laundry and sink full of dishes from halting your productivity, make sure your home office remains secluded from the rest of your home. Set up a desk, a phone, and a computer in a closed area that enables you to stay focused. You wouldn’t encounter these issues in a traditional office setting, so treat your home workspace the same.

2. Get Ready for Work

Working in your pajamas all day seems like a dream, but try to avoid that habit at all costs. In fact, many studies show that people who dress up for work find their careers more fulfilling and enjoyable. In order to feel more productive and fully enjoy your work, stick to a more traditional routine.

Although working from home saves time and eliminates the hassle of commuting, your proficiency at work hinges on your mentality. Make it a point to get up, shower, brew some coffee, and get ready for your workday physically and mentally.

3. Leave the House

A lot of telecommuters feel like hermits. When you inhibit your social interaction, you lose steam and may find your job less fulfilling. To stop this from happening, make it a point to relieve your cabin fever.

Take breaks from your responsibilities by stepping out to get coffee or taking a short walk. In order to break the monotony of telecommuting, try spending a day working at your local library or coffee shop. You’ll be amazed how removing yourself from your environment will pump up your productivity and make working from home a breeze.


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