3 Ways to Test the Effectiveness of Your Copy


When it comes to writing blog posts, emails, and web copy for your business, it can be tricky to judge the effectiveness of your copy.

Sure, you may have friends and colleagues tell you that they enjoy your writing.

You might have a solid product offering.

Your SEO optimization strategy could be on point.

However, these things aren’t trustworthy indicators that your copy is effective in accomplishing your goals.

Good copy positively affects your revenue growth, increases visitor engagement, and improves customer retention.

In order to gain insight on the effectiveness of your copy, you’ll need to utilize various methods of tracking and measurement…and in this post, we’re sharing three concrete ways to do exactly that.

#1: Utilize tracking tools.



If you want to get hard data and intelligence on what is or isn’t working about your blog posts and web copy, tracking tools provided by Crazy Egg will be essential.

Crazy Egg is a popular platform to track visitor behavior to a site and web pages.

Although this may initially sound a bit Big Brother-esque, it’s actually an incredibly helpful, noninvasive technique used by many top companies that utilize content marketing tactics.

The platform’s capabilities include…

Tracking page scrolls: Averaging the scroll lengths of visitors gives you a good idea of how engaged and interested they are in finishing your article from start to finish. According to Clicktale, only 22% of visitors make it to the bottom of the page. It’s up to you to optimize your copy to make sure your pages keep readers engaged. Using headers, bullet points, bolded text, and other elements to make your copy easy to scan and read will go a long way in this regard.

Mouse recording and heat mapping: Using Crazy Egg’s mouse recording and heat mapping capabilities, not only will you be able to see where visitors are clicking, but you’ll also become aware of other important mouse and page activity. A user’s mouse behavior can often be surprisingly informative when learning about which aspects of your copy and CTAs your visitors are gravitating towards.

#2: A/B test your copy.

A/B split testing is a way to compare two versions of a digital element against each other to determine which one performs better.

Essentially, you run a test using two versions of the same element. Half of your audience is shown the control, and the other half is shown the variation.

Those who are viewing the variation will unknowingly be redirected to another landing page during the testing period.

Crazy Egg has an easy-to-use A/B testing tool that enables you to test different headlines, sales copy, or product descriptions to figure out which element works best.

It pays off too. For example, 37signals A/B tested a CTA button and found that one had 200% more sign-ups than the other version.

#3: Monitore KPIs.

At the end of the day, either your traffic is converting or it’s not.

You will know if your copy is working if there are conversions, comments, pageviews, and more.

Analytics and KPIs are key indicators of success, and, therefore, it’s important to monitor and pay attention to them.

Use tools such as Google Analytics to track and measure…

Clicks: Driving people to learn more and/or take action is always a good thing. Therefore, monitor clicks on your CTAs and other clickable elements included in your blog posts and web pages.

Page views: You can test the effectiveness of your copy used in elements that are typically linked from other pages, such as page titles and blog headlines.

Time Spent on Page: As Express Writers puts it, “See how long your average visitor sticks around. If they bail less than two minutes into their visit, it’s obvious your content isn’t holding their interest.”

Comments: Good blog posts tend to stimulate conversation. If your blog posts aren’t encouraging visitors to comment, especially if you have a large subscriber base, there could be something off with your copywriting and content. Set a goal to achieve a certain average when it comes to blog comments, and monitor how each post performs.

Conversions: It goes without saying that conversions are always a good indicator of success. If you can track purchases initiated from blog posts and other web pages, it’s likely a sign that your copy is moving people to take action and move further down the funnel.

It certainly would be a tragedy to invest a large amount of energy, time, and money into copywriting without knowing if it’s going to do something.

Utilize these methods to know whether your copy is doing what you want it to.

After all, determining the effectiveness of your copy will be an essential step in moving your business toward increased revenue and other long-term gains.

Need a comprehensive overview for how to write effective copy? Check out our guide to writing conversion-boosting web copy!





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