Differentiating Your Copy for a Female Audience

A general rule of thumb for copywriters is to know the market you’re writing for. In order to persuade your audience to feel, think, and subsequently act in a certain way, it’s imperative to understand the pain points, challenges, mindset, sources of inspiration, language, and tone. Though gender norms are increasingly fluid, there are certain

Why Video Content Is a Marketing Must in 2017

Vimeo. YouTube. Snapchat. Upworthy. Just a few years ago, if you were to casually drop the names of these platforms in conversation, many people would think you were speaking another language. These brands simply weren’t recognized by the average person. Now, it’s almost impossible to go through the day without hearing mention of video content

5 Useful Project Management Tools for Content Marketers

For decades, the concept of a workplace has typically looked something like this… Employees work side-by-side for a specific time frame each day at a designated indoor location–whether it be limited to one room or a whole building on a city block. Meetings are conducted in board rooms (or rooms so tiny they could be

Retargeting: How to Turn Abandoned Leads into Customers

Most of us have had it happen before…you visit a site and browse a few items–whether it be a memory foam mattress, high-quality video camera, or perhaps access to an online course teaching elements of graphic design. Maybe you didn’t have your credit card handy. Maybe you got distracted. Or, maybe you weren’t entirely sure

Social Media Marketing Practices That Turn Off Consumers

When social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat started becoming more commonplace, many of us were perplexed. Figuring out how to best migrate our personal lives to the digital world was one thing–but determining how these platforms could be used in our professional endeavors and the business landscape was another. On one

The Art of Image Selection for Your Blog Posts

If the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” is indeed true, the visual content that you select for your blog posts can make or break an article. When given the choice to read a post made up of block upon block of copy, or an article illustrated with infographics, photos, and illustrations, most

7 Characteristics of High-Converting Calls to Action

No matter how much thought and strategizing goes into your content marketing efforts, the real magic of conversion won’t occur without an optimized key ingredient…the Call to Action, or more commonly referred to as a CTA. Whether it be a clickable button on a landing page or a hyperlinked sentence within a blog post, a

How to Retain and Convert Customer Interest with Exit Offers

With the rise of digital adtech, there’s no lack of tools at your disposal to utilize and ensure that no opportunity is wasted when it comes to gaining new customers for your business. While it’s a blessing, it’s also a curse because it can be difficult to know what tools are right for your marketing

Evergreen Content: Produce Lasting Results for Your Business


When speaking in botanical terms, an “evergreen” is a plant (usually of the pine or fir variety) whose name reveals exactly what you might already suspect– it retains its leaves year-round and is, therefore, forever green. The digital marketing and publishing worlds have borrowed the descriptor and applied it to content, turning it into a

How to Combine Storytelling Strategies and Data to Produce Persuasive Marketing Content

 I need you to do me a quick favor…recite the quadratic formula please. Oh, what’s that…you’re a business owner and that request has nothing to do with the digital/content marketing advice you’ve dropped by our blog to check out? I understand that…but please, just for kicks, humor me and recite the quadratic formula. No cheating!

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