4 Landing Page Errors That Squash Conversions

Swipe right. Swipe left. Ahh, Tinder…the magical world of being able to find your soulmate with nothing more than a picture and a few lines of text. Ridiculous, right? Well, not exactly. You see, consumers seek out products and services using website landing pages much in the same way Tinder users use the Tinder app

5 Ways to Find Engaging Blog Topics When You’ve Exhausted Your Options

Cake. It’s decadent, delicious, and what some people might consider a basic human need. Yet, despite its many wonderful attributes, if you’re a bakery owner, there’s really only so much you can blog about cake. Right? Wrong. Every day, business owners fall victim to the idea that they’ve exhausted their list of engaging blog topics.

4 Ways to Quickly Build Brand Authority through Content Marketing

Nowadays, it seems like everybody under the sun can position themselves as a brand authority, or in other words, a person who is a credible expert in a specific industry or on a certain topic. Think about it… Anyone can start a blog, create a website, and publish content. Heck, elementary school kids have blogs,

The Rule of Three: Drive Sales with This Rule Founded in Brain Science

In 1988 Winona Ryder opened that gate to the Netherworld and unleashed the ghostly character of Beetlejuice by chanting his name not one, not two, but three times. Why three times? The rule of three is a magical and powerful force that can do anything from bringing the dead back to life to making your

5 Myths about Content Marketing You Shouldn’t Believe

A quick search of the internet, and you’ll find plenty of chatter on the latest content marketing trends, dos and don’ts, rules, guidelines, etc. For the most part, it’s a great thing that there are so many content marketing resources available online. However,  for every truthful, accurate, and proven piece of information floating around the

Content Marketing Success: Mirror the Latest TV Revival Trends

“Whatever happened to predictability. The milkman, the paperboy, evening tv?” If you didn’t just sing that sentence to the tune of the infamous Full House theme song, you clearly missed out on some quality 90’s television. Not to worry. The show is back and running, and as long as you have a Netflix account, you

How to Nail Marketing Content Tone on the First Try

It’s easy to research facts, design beautiful graphics, and put together a strategy for your client. But when it comes time to write marketing content, it’s not always easy to capture tone. This happens for several reasons… #1 Picking up tone is something that not everyone is naturally good at. While some people can leave

How to Craft Marketing Content for Multicultural Audiences

Between universal adapters and stretchy leggings, we live in a society that clearly values a one-size-fits all philosophy. The problem: One size does not always fit all…especially when it comes to creating marketing content for your business. It’s important to recognize this because technology allows us to work with so many people across the globe.

Why DIY Content Kills Online Sales

We live in a world where fuzzy pipe cleaners, sparkly glitter, and addicting Pinterest web pages lead us to believe we are capable of creating anything. Sometimes, we even carry this idea into the workplace and try our hand at crafting things that are not our expertise, like marketing content. I have no doubt that

Digital Marketing Tools for a Successful 2017

“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new year…and I’m feeling good!” Ok, so maybe those aren’t Michael Bublé’s exact words, but as 2017 begins, we are definitely feeling good! That’s  because we will be continuing to use a few of our favorite marketing tools and systems in our 2017 strategy to

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