How to Create a Compelling Case Study

Case study

From passing along traditions to sharing cautionary tales, storytelling has been an effective and popular form of communication for centuries. Stories are powerful because they help us see things from others’ perspectives and learn about their experiences–which can be valuable when it comes to making decisions for our own lives. It’s no wonder that case

5 Simple Rules of Sexy eCommerce Marketing Content

  Converting eCommerce content is more than a simple product description that reveals the features. Yes, it’s important to state what the product is and list features such as dimensions, sizes, colors, ingredients, etc. But prospects don’t purchase products for the features. They buy for emotional reasons. So, it’s your job to show your online

Nurture and Sell More Prospects with These 3 Marketing Content Pieces

If you have a number of leads, but your sales aren’t coming in, we know the reason why. You need quality marketing content that compels your prospects to become loyal customers. According to recent data from DemandGen Report, a large sum of qualified prospects turn to marketing content prior to making a purchasing decision. Here’s

Happy Holidays from the Sūmèr Team!

dog with Santa hat

Our Sūmèr family hopes everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We don’t know if it’s the spiced eggnog or just the magical feel of Christmas in the air, but we get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside during this time of year. We want to take a minute to share how incredibly

[Case Study] Automated Marketing Funnel Increased E-Commerce Sales by 50%

Image credit: When it comes to creating successful sales funnels, there are several variables to consider. From writing video sales letter scripts to crafting educational email nurture sequences, our professional copywriting team discovered one fact… To create robust marketing funnels that drive fence-sitters to the conversion point, you have to start with a comprehensive blueprint.

[Case Study] How 1 Custom “Online Sales Funnel” Sold 6 Figures of Product for a Holistic Doctor

This is a guest post by our latest partner here at Sūmèr, Ryan Niessen. Ryan was the marketing manager at a multi million-dollar online education company for 3 years before leaving to help entrepreneurs increase their impact and income through the power of great copy and smart online sales funnels. The 2-Fold Online Sales Challenge

Brand Storytelling: 3 Companies Who Do It Right

Brand storytelling. It’s essential to make an impact with your audience, provide relevant examples, increase conversions, and cement brand loyalty. To show you how brand storytelling is done right, look no further than the 3 companies profiled below. Before we give examples of companies who use brand storytelling to increase audience engagement, attract more website

Blueprint for a Successful Marketing Funnel Launch

Our professional copywriting team has gone into full happy-dance mode. Now that we’ve successfully created a comprehensive marketing funnel for the Main Street Alternative Asset Planners, we’re sharing our strategy. If you’ve been thinking about engineering a sales and marketing funnel (or tweaking your current one), keep reading to discover the must-have components that increase

21 Ways to Improve Your Communication

Communication. Sounds simple—we do it every day. We email, we talk on the phone, we text, we tweet, and * gasp * we talk to each other in person. With so much communicating happening at every moment of the day, why is it sometimes so difficult to get your point across clearly? And how incredibly

Organic SEO Techniques for Local Businesses

When it comes to organic SEO techniques for local businesses, it’s important to know that search engines don’t automatically rank your website based on location. You might be thinking: how could this be true? After all, when you Google cheeseburger, you get a list of corresponding restaurants within a certain radius. That’s because local SEO

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