How to Write Captivating Content Based on Conversation

  (Source) People get hit hard with sales copy–every hour of every day. Just think of how many times you see a sales pitch for this or that, whether it be an email promotion in your inbox or an ad in your favorite lifestyle magazine. Or those annoying ads asking you to buy dish detergent

5 Reasons People Stop Reading Your Marketing Content


You’ve put hours into drafting a piece of content. You selected the finest royalty-free images the internet has to offer. And, you’ve hired an editor to ensure your copy is as clean as a whistle. Now, the time has come to unveil your masterpiece online. With hopes of high traffic, viral shares, and rave reviews,

5 Tips for Writing Conversational Content

  Decades ago, it was predicted that, in the 21st century, everything would be run by robots. And today, that prediction is partly true. Many of us currently use technologies like Siri, GPS navigation systems, automated phone systems, self-serve checkout lines, and systems like Alexa or Google Home. And while all these technologies can be

4 Creative Exercises for Writing Concise Copy

Suffering from sudden bouts of wordiness… Feeling the urge to go rogue with random tangents… Not being able to finish a sentence without taking multiple breaths… These are all signs of an awful illness that plagues business owners who write their own content…a disease so dangerous that it’s been known to… Decrease the copy readability

Define Your Brand Voice with This Creative Exercise

If you’ve ever flown with Southwest Airlines, you’ve probably experienced the quintessential enthusiastic sense of humor, friendly service, and quirky rituals exhibited by their employees. Rather than listening to the monotonous, droning voice of a flight attendant at random intervals during your cross-country travels, Southwest keeps things interesting and engages with their customers in a

4 Signs That Your Business Would Benefit from Hiring a Copywriter

Take a minute to think about the times you’ve been marketed to and it worked. What was it that made you say yes and purchase? Was it the charisma and clarity of the live salesperson? Was it the way the product was visually represented or demonstrated in a video advertisement? Or was it the clear,

Differentiating Your Copy for a Female Audience

A general rule of thumb for copywriters is to know the market you’re writing for. In order to persuade your audience to feel, think, and subsequently act in a certain way, it’s imperative to understand the pain points, challenges, mindset, sources of inspiration, language, and tone. Though gender norms are increasingly fluid, there are certain

Evergreen Content: Produce Lasting Results for Your Business


When speaking in botanical terms, an “evergreen” is a plant (usually of the pine or fir variety) whose name reveals exactly what you might already suspect– it retains its leaves year-round and is, therefore, forever green. The digital marketing and publishing worlds have borrowed the descriptor and applied it to content, turning it into a

Why DIY Content Kills Online Sales

We live in a world where fuzzy pipe cleaners, sparkly glitter, and addicting Pinterest web pages lead us to believe we are capable of creating anything. Sometimes, we even carry this idea into the workplace and try our hand at crafting things that are not our expertise, like marketing content. I have no doubt that

How to Make Website Copy User-Friendly

You’ve built a responsive and conversion-ready website. You throw all of your website copy on it, you sit back and wait for it to bring you new clients, and the only one who actually goes through your website content and fills out your contact form is your mom. And your mom doesn’t even need any

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