3 Ways Writing Marketing Content As If You’re Talking to a Friend Benefits Your Business  

    Consumers cannot get out of bed without consistently getting bombarded with ads to buy stuff. Due to the high level of ad saturation, it’s crucial to differentiate your marketing content so that you stand out from the crowd. One way you can stand apart is to create content that speaks to your audience

How to Use a Beat Sheet to Create Valuable Marketing Content

  One of the most successful storytelling structures content marketers use is based on the narrative storytelling format. This format gives a rich opportunity to break down your writing into beats. When writing is broken down into beats, we call it “creating a beat sheet.” And, when used properly, beat sheets make it easier to

How to Use Narrative Structure to Create Memorable Content

Memorable marketing content. How do you create it so it isn’t forced and it resonates with prospects? The answer lies in one beautiful word: storytelling. Storytelling is an essential content marketing tool used to attract readers and keep them engaged. The concept is simple: use a narrative structure to create memorable marketing content. Implementing narrative

5 Emotional Storytelling Campaigns That Tug on Your Heart Strings

    It’s no surprise that storytelling is an effective way to advertise your product or service. What you might not have known though is that emotional storytelling, the kind that tugs on your heartstrings, is 31% more effective than any other type of marketing. The reason it works is simple. Humans are emotional beings.

4 Methods to Build Customer Relationships

    Product value propositions express the need for and the quality of what you offer. Shouldn’t that be enough to attract your target market and convert? You’d think so, but the answer is NO. Even though your target market might want a product or service you offer, it doesn’t mean they’ll automatically buy. Not

4 Screenwriting Tricks to Create Oscar-Worthy Marketing Content

As a business owner, your job is produce content that conveys an honest and eye-catching message about the products/services that your company sells. This is no easy feat in a world that bombards people with print, video, and online media 24/7. It’s so easy for your marketing content to become white noise. So what is

Enhance the User Experience with Post-Purchase Emails

  The sale is not the end of the customer relationship—it’s the beginning! It’s not enough to acquire credit card information and say, “see ya.” Your clients want you to create a quality user experience, which happens with post-purchase emails that facilitate the use of a product or service. Though many companies believe that user

Answer These 4 Questions to Increase Website Conversions

To increase website conversions, the marketing content must answer four questions: #1 Why me? #2 Why you? #3  Why this? #4 Why now? Answering the “four why” questions is the simplest way to persuasively communicate with and convert prospective customers, as the technique ensures you cover all possible objections. Before you do anything else today,

3 Ways to Scale Your Content Marketing

    When it comes to scaling your content marketing, it’s easy to fall into overwhelm mode. It drains hours from your day to… Craft in-depth blogs and articles. Write and produce video marketing content. Prepare and present webinar material. Keep your website up-to-date with fresh and relevant material. Reading that, you may feel as

10 Simple Email Marketing Tips To Increase Conversions

  Email marketing… Nurture sequences… Sales funnels… No matter what you’re working on, your email marketing is the content that nurtures customer relationships, builds trust, and delivers value throughout your sales funnel. According to CoNet, there are 571 new websites created every minute. Needless to say, your business is swimming in an ocean of distractions.

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