Why eCommerce Shoppers Ignore Unique Product Descriptions

  Most shoppers—especially those who purchase from online boutiques—value thinking outside of the box. Because of this, it makes sense to populate your eCommerce storefront with unique product descriptions that set you apart, right? Well, it’s not that black and white. The reason: uniqueness is a side benefit. If the main goal of your product

Enhance the User Experience with Post-Purchase Emails

  The sale is not the end of the customer relationship—it’s the beginning! It’s not enough to acquire credit card information and say, “see ya.” Your clients want you to create a quality user experience, which happens with post-purchase emails that facilitate the use of a product or service. Though many companies believe that user

Answer These 4 Questions to Increase Website Conversions

To increase website conversions, the marketing content must answer four questions: #1 Why me? #2 Why you? #3  Why this? #4 Why now? Answering the “four why” questions is the simplest way to persuasively communicate with and convert prospective customers, as the technique ensures you cover all possible objections. Before you do anything else today,

3 Ways to Scale Your Content Marketing

    When it comes to scaling your content marketing, it’s easy to fall into overwhelm mode. It drains hours from your day to… Craft in-depth blogs and articles. Write and produce video marketing content. Prepare and present webinar material. Keep your website up-to-date with fresh and relevant material. Reading that, you may feel as

Announcement: Sūmèr Is a Digital Marketer Certified Partner

The professional copywriters at Sūmèr, LLC HQ are in full celebration mode. We’ve become a Digital Marketer Certified Partner! See our official “creds” below. 🙂 Now that it’s official, we can share our mission with you. As a Digital Marketer Certified Partner, we are taking on a shared commitment to double the size of 10,000

Repurpose Your Speaking Engagements in 5 Steps

When you speak at a live event or business conference, you share your tactical expertise with a captivated audience. In the days after your speaking engagement, you may have a train of sales coming through. Then it’s all over. If you’ve ever wanted to go past the stage and reach an audience beyond live event

Memorable Digital Marketing for an Anti-Advertising World

Memorable digital marketing is a staple of American culture. From the Coca Cola Polar Bears to the Busch’s Beans Talking Dog, audiences love marketing—whether or not they realize it. If you need a refresher, watch this video and take a stroll down memory lane. A large chunk of the population watches the Super Bowl solely

Post-Holiday Marketing Tips

Holiday marketing has potential to generate major profits in the fourth quarter. After you’ve set up your holiday-centric nurture sequences, offers, and discounts, you’ll feel as if you need to take the proverbial foot off the gas. Bad idea. While much of the world may be cash-strapped after a holiday spendathon, that doesn’t mean your

Blueprint for a Successful Marketing Funnel Launch

Our professional copywriting team has gone into full happy-dance mode. Now that we’ve successfully created a comprehensive marketing funnel for the Main Street Alternative Asset Planners, we’re sharing our strategy. If you’ve been thinking about engineering a sales and marketing funnel (or tweaking your current one), keep reading to discover the must-have components that increase

Finding Inspiration to Up-Level Your Marketing

Professional copywriters (that’s us!) use inspiration to write conversion-ready content. Sure, we study our clients’ customer avatar, gather and analyze data, and keep up with industry trends, but those techniques alone aren’t what keeps us going. We NEED inspiration to perform at our very best. Without a healthy dose of motivation, content marketing falls flat,

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