Why You Should Add More Emotion to Your Post-Purchase Emails

When it comes to post-purchase email sequences, let’s just say there are a few things you must consider after a prospect becomes a customer. Here are the 3 main ones: The sale is not the end of the customer relationship. It’s the beginning! It’s important to ensure your buyers gain the most benefits from their

Copywriting Strategies for Artisan Businesses


Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of how artist entrepreneurs can improve conversions in their website copy, social media marketing, and email nurture sequences, it’s important to first define what constitutes an artisan business. We’re not talking about gluing popsicle sticks together here. We’ve worked with our fair share of artist entrepreneurs—from soy candle makers

Nurturing Customer Relationships: The Key to Client Re-Engagement

Photo credit: Mark Guim Customer relationships are a quintessential factor in your current sales figures and the sustainable future of your business. According to a recent LinkedIn report, when a customer has purchased from you once, he or she is 60 to 70% more likely to become a repeat buyer. The question is: what happens

Copywriting Strategies for the Love and Relationships Industry

handwriting and heart on hand

Photo credit: Leland Francisco When it comes to copywriting strategies specific to the love and relationship industry, creating audience-centric content is rule #1. No matter whether your business offers dating advice, develops strategies for self-confidence, or helps married couples rekindle passion, your prospects feel a very distinct pain. Their love life stinks. Or it’s non-existent. Though

Innovative Reasons to Connect with Your Followers

puzeel with text saying email marketing

Photo credit: Maria Elena Find innovative reasons to email your customers to differentiate yourself from your competition and increase conversion rates. One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is to only send emails when they want to sell something to their customers. This is the quickest way for customers to move your emails to the

Simple Blueprint for Your Successful Sales Funnel

spiral staircase

A successful sales funnel…oh, how on Earth do you build your masterpiece? Generating greater audience engagement requires that you take your audience on a journey with you. There are many nuts and bolts to consider as you create your conversion-ready sales funnel. Lucky for you, our professional copywriting team will simplify the process for creating

Direct Mail Professional Sheds Light on Bulk Mail Marketing

direct mail man cartoon

When it comes to direct mail, we go straight to the source: Blase Ciabaton, CEO of Naples Print Source and Editor & Creator of the blog, www.TheDirectMailMan.com. In the years we’ve known Blase (if you’ve been around long enough, Dear Reader, you remember we’ve done a few webinars together), he’s taught us the true benefits

One Simple Strategy to Deepen Customer Relationships

Nurture sequences deepen customer relationships. If you’ve been in digital marketing for more than a week, that statement is a no-brainer. The problem with nurture sequences: it takes a thorough email marketing strategy to establish and build a rapport with your people. Think of your pre- and post-purchase email campaigns like a dating scenario. You

Marketing Copy Strategies: Game of Thrones Edition

game of thrones cast

When it comes to marketing copy strategies, you’ll find useful techniques in unlikely places. Even in an awesome television series where beloved characters bite the dust every week. (For the non-fans out there, I’m talking about HBO’s Game of Thrones.) To explain how this series applies to your overall marketing copy strategy, we’ll begin with

How to Write High-Converting Video Sales Letters

vsl screen grab

When it comes to high-converting video sales letters (VSLs), you might find yourself with more questions than answers. Questions such as…. Do I need a professional copywriter to create the message? Should I hire an actor to read the script? Will my VSL cause web traffic to exit the page? Is there a formula I

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