10 Big Digital Marketing Ideas from Traffic & Conversion 2015

picture of T & C panel

Traffic & Conversion is my favorite event of the year. Ryan Deiss and the Digital Marketer crew never hold back on sharing what’s working for them, the attendees are amazing entrepreneurs and all-around awesome people, and I get to catch up with clients and colleagues and have way too much fun. And where else can

Website Copywriting: A Tale of Three Launches

genx website

The Sūmèr team is in celebration mode with a few of our clients launching new websites. Let’s just say we’ve been busy bees writing optimized website copy lately! It’s a Sūmèr tradition to celebrate alongside our clients (often doing the happy dance), so we wanted to take a hot minute to share with you some

How Brand Loyalty Happens in 3 Steps


Brand loyalty serves as the demarcation line for your overall business performance. As clients keep coming back for more, that’s when running your business becomes a little easier. But just how do you achieve brand loyalty? The ironclad milestone to lock in loyal brand warriors, higher revenues, and raving reviews is to make your clients

Outdated Website Content: The Reason You Don’t See Higher Conversions

record player

Outdated website content is a real buzz killer, and it can easily tank your conversion rate. Try as we might, there are only so many fads we can get away with calling vintage or retro. Some things—like a website—just can’t be made chic by staying outdated. We’ve all seen it: the website still somehow running

2015 Digital Marketing Predictions


With everyone sharing his or her marketing predictions for 2015, we would be remiss not to put in our two cents’ worth. You can bet we will be watching the industry trends over the next year, which may be partially due to the team bet we have going. Without further adieu, our 2015 digital marketing

Holiday Marketing a Bust? Be Prepared for Next Year

red ornament

When it comes to holiday marketing, many business owners feel deflated when the sales don’t come rolling in. After all, aren’t millions and millions of people spending more money than usual? Yes, but without a holiday marketing strategy (and the content to back it up) you won’t see the escalating sales numbers you want. If

Holiday Marketing: Take Note of These E-Commerce Trends

present with silver wrapping

Internet marketers have been busy, and for good reason. Because… Holiday marketing is the cornerstone of higher conversation rates in December. But if you’re gearing up to end the year with higher profits, it’s important to first take a look at the numbers—specifically, what holiday marketing data reveals to online businesses. We’re data geeks at

B2C Post Purchase Sequences: How to Nurture Product Buyers

two hands reaching out of computer and shaking

With a 2-second Google search, marketers and business owners will find a cornucopia of post purchase sequence guidelines. That is, as long as you run a B2B business. On the other hand, e-commerce and product-based businesses are left out. Our professional copywriters have written quite a few B2C post purchase sequences, and it’s high time

5 Best Practices to Keep Your Brand Storytelling Relevant

ripped up papaer with the word branding

The Internet is polluted with tips, tricks, and advice on how to do just about anything. Because of this, the number one question most businesses are continually wondering is how they can make their brand stand out and remain relevant. Wonder no more! For all you Copy Doodle readers, we’ve compiled our top 5 best

How to Make Your Video Sales Letter Script Sound Natural

  Have you ever listened to a video sales letter (VSL) that sounded robotic and dull? We sure have, and it’s worse than listening to sharp nails on a chalkboard. VSLs have the power to captivate both the eyes and ears of a prospect, so it’s no wonder why so many brands are using them.

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