Giving Thanks, Sūmèr-Style!

From Mexico to North Carolina and several places in between, our dynamic and remote team at Sūmèr are based around the country and world.

However, our locations aren’t the only factors that distinguish us–we each have unique aspects of our lives that we’d like to express gratitude for this Thanksgiving.

Whether it be the people in our lives, the new opportunities presented, or the clients we work with and learn from, by the time Thanksgiving rolls around each year there’s a lot to be grateful for.

(The Sūmèr Team enjoying a Fourth of July get together)

Read on to hear reflections of gratitude from each member of the Sūmèr team…

“After reflection, one learning experience I’m grateful for is seeing the power of team communication. At Sūmèr, copywriting is our forte—but team communication is just as important. It empowers us to serve clients, brainstorm better strategies, or find a breakthrough for a challenge. I’m grateful for our team’s excellent communication!”

–Lauren Beck, Copywriter

(Penny with her son and adorable grandbaby in the Caribbean)

“I’m grateful that the editing I do for Sūmèr allows me the flexibility to travel and work. This year I got to spend time in Mexico with my granddog and her parents, travel to my grandkids’ sporting events, and enjoy a few weeks in the Caribbean with my son, daughter-in-law, and grandbaby.”

–Penny Salater, Editor

(Michelle with her furry loved-one, Noor)

“I’m grateful I decided to focus on building my leadership skills this past year. It’s transformed the results we produce for our clients, made day-to-day operations run much smoother, and I now have the best team ever. Oh, and I got a social life…finally!”

–Michelle Salater, CEO

(One of Alison’s improv comedy master classes–what fun!)

“This year I was thrilled to be able to continue to immerse myself in sketch writing workshops, film writing sessions, and improv comedy master classes. These opportunities enabled me to continue to strengthen my creative brain so I can constantly bring fresh, engaging, and humorous content to our incredibly fun clients!”

–Alison Klug, Copywriter

“I am so thankful for our clients.  With such a diverse client base, it is truly a blessing to be part of supporting them to get their message out in way that truly impacts lives and fulfills their vision.  In addition, it allows each one of our days at Sūmèr to be presented with a newfound challenge while being part of such an amazing team!”

–Chris Johnson, Project Manager

(Weezie making friends in Central Mexico during Día de los Muertos)

“Just over a year ago, I moved my life to Mexico with the aim to experience life in a new culture and to find work as a digital nomad. As fate would have it, through a series of serendipitous connections I found an opportunity to work for Sūmèr as a copywriter. The diversity of people I meet through my travels strengthens my ability to write for a wide variety of Sūmèr clients. Additionally, the experience of working with our whip-smart team and range of compelling clients has been the ultimate gift.”

–Weezie Yancey-Siegel, Copywriter

(Noor being adorable–as always)

“I’m grateful to be able to work for a company like Sūmèr, because it means I get to see (and entertain) my mom at work. When I’m not gazing out at the central Mexico horizon and contemplating the deeper questions of life, I’m providing our team with insights on how non-humans may interpret certain copy and tone techniques. Honestly, I don’t know what this team would do without me…and I can say the same about them.”

–Noor, Office Manager


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