How to Increase Sales by Showing Results

Tracking and showing your clients’ results are a roadmap to success for your business. You discover what works for your clients—and what doesn’t—so you can focus your efforts and hone in on the most effective ways to serve. In addition, prospective clients see what you’ve done for others and can easily picture having those results themselves.

The results tracking process may be different for each service or product you provide and is a decision you and your team will need to make. However, we can help you with ways to showcase those results and ensure the right people see them.


One of the most powerful ways to show results, effective testimonials paint a picture in prospects’ minds. They demonstrate what is possible and what others have actually accomplished. They show your expertise and give you credibility, both of which lead to more sales.

When you ask for testimonials, request that they are as explicit as possible. An ideal testimonial will have plenty of hard data, such as how much money the client made or how many sales were made in a specific time frame. To add context, it’s also helpful if the client frames the testimonial with the problems he or she came to you with and how you solved them.

Online and offline marketing materials.

Your website, blog, white papers, and other marketing materials are the perfect places to display client testimonials and your results. Don’t be shy about sharing; prospective clients are anxious to see concrete results. Again, use numbers and facts as often as you can to paint the picture. Weave the results into copy that focuses on prospects’ pain and how you can solve it for them. The more skilled you are at this, the more sales you’ll make.

A word of warning: when you share your results, make sure they are verifiable. A percentage of prospects will take the time to research your claims, and you want them to like what they see and believe your results. If they don’t, they won’t buy—and they can ruin your company’s reputation in a short time.

Press releases.

When you have news to share, such as a successful product launch, or you can tie your company to a newsworthy event, issue a press release. The angle of your PR must be newsworthy, but you can display your results easily with a news release, and it firmly establishes credibility. Again, everything you claim must be verifiable, and for the PR to be accepted for publication, you must focus on the news you bring to the public’s attention.

The press release cannot sound like a commercial for your company, but if you do it properly, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to market yourself.

Have you seen your desired results lately? Why or why not?


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