Interactive Copywriting

Though copywriting was born as a marketing tool to persuade an audience, these days, web copy has to do more than simply persuade. It has to inspire.

Thanks to the interactive nature of the web, customers can quickly evaluate products and move on. That means you can’t expect the same old marketing tropes to capture the interest or excitement of prospects.

But with interactive copywriting,you engage the reader in ways that ads and commercials cannot. You dissolve the divide between brand and buyer.

Here are a few tips to make your web copy more interactive and hold the long-term attention of prospects and customers:

Interactive copy understands user experience.

Before you ever write a word, be sure you understand site maps and how information is delivered to the viewer. Ignore this, and you ignore your ability to orchestrate an experience that plays off your words and invites the reader to continue their journey.

Think of your CTAs as the GPS that tells them where to go next. Build this map to create a delightful adventure for your prospect.

Interactive copy is brief and confident.

You have seconds to capture your prospect’s attention and interest so don’t waste word-time. When you communicate clearly and directly, users will respond. That’s because brevity does one powerful thing: it communicates confidence. If your copy is long winded, it can misfire and feel like you are trying too hard to prove yourself.

Interactive copy utilizes social proof.

You can guarantee there’s one thing every user who is considering making a purchase will click—reviews, case studies, and customer testimonials. When creating CTAs and hyperlinking, keep this in mind.

Interactive copy tells your audience what to do.

Yes, traditional copywriting includes calls to action. But the aim of interactive copy is foremost to engage the user. This means you must eliminate guesswork and name action steps clearly and compellingly. Tell them to sign up for the ezine, download the app, or share the link. And don’t make them guess where the link will lead them—if they don’t know, they won’t click.

Interactive copy lets your audience tell YOU what to do.

Interactive copy isn’t just a way to bombard your audience with your message. Instead, it’s about changing the nature of branded conversation. Your audience wants to take part in your creations. Allow them to ask questions, give feedback, and connect with other users. Give them space to speak up.

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