The Must-Read Cyber Monday Checklist for Your Online Store

The addition of Cyber Monday to the Black Friday weekend has been beneficial to society in a variety of ways.

To name a few…

Unlike Black Friday, no one gets trampled to death while trying to claim a half-off flat-screen TV.

Unlike Black Friday, no one has to wake up at 4 a.m. and shovel snow out of the driveway to drive to the mall. Shopping can be done from the comfort and warmth of the home.

…And eCommerce businesses have an opportunity to receive a significant boost to their revenue.

In fact, Cyber Monday sales hit an all-time record last year.

According to Adobe Digital Insights, consumers spent $3.45 billion online, easily blowing past initial estimates.

It’s a win-win for everyone, no doubt.

If your eCommerce business hasn’t made a plan to take advantage of this semi-holiday–it’s not too late!

Whether you’re hoping to refine your existing Cyber Monday plan or starting from scratch, this post will get you primed and ready to face the madness and glory on November 27.

Read through the following three tips to maximize sales during this time period.

#1: Make Sure Your Mobile Site Is up to Snuff.

In 2015, IBM claimed that mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic on Thanksgiving for the first time.

Then, in 2016, Custora reported that the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend saw over 26% of orders come through a mobile device.

Of course, your desktop version of your site is important.

But mobile shopping is taking over, and if your site doesn’t work well on tablet or mobile interfaces…let’s just say that you need to make some changes, stat.

We don’t want to use scare tactics…but nearly half of consumers say they won’t return to a website if it doesn’t load properly on their mobile devices.

Thankfully, there are things that can be done to avoid this.

You can get your business mobile-ready for Cyber Monday by…

Testing the friendliness via Google. If you’re wondering how to gauge your site’s mobile friendliness, you’ll be happy to find that Google offers a free test to help determine where your site stands from their perspective.

Simply enter the page URL, and bingo–you’ll be told in simple terms whether the page is mobile-friendly or not.

Ensuring that your site is responsive. With a responsive mobile configuration, the HTML code and URL of your website stay the same whether you’re using a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, but the display “responds” differently based on the screen size.

Removing elements that affect the loading speed. Nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and they tend to abandon a site that doesn’t load within 3 seconds.

Consumers have no time to waste–especially on Cyber Monday–so take steps now to ensure that your load time is two seconds or less.

Elements such as photos with a high resolution can slow down the loading speed of your site, so it’s best to remove or resize them for the mobile version.

#2: Pique Curiosity and Engagement Via Email and Social Media.

Start piquing the curiosity of your customers as early as possible via email and social media.

For example, on social media you can…

Post sneak-peeks of what’s to come. From product shots to video demos, get your followers excited about your discounted products.

Let customers know about reliable and inexpensive shipping (if you offer it). Customers want to know they will receive their orders on time for the holidays–so if you have a same-day shipping policy, let them know!

If you have free shipping, that’s also a plus.

In fact, 90% of participants in a survey said free shipping was the number one incentive when asked what would make them shop online more often.

Create a dedicated landing page. Link your social posts to a special landing page created just for Black Friday-Cyber Monday promotions and information. For ideas, see how major retailers like Amazon and Home Depot do this.

Email marketing shouldn’t be left out of your plan either. With email, you can…

Create a Sense of Scarcity and Urgency. There’s nothing like telling people that you have limited stock and they have limited time to drive them to take action.

For example, see how travel goods and accessories retailer Herschel creates a sense of urgency in their email below.


Don’t overdo these emails with too much text or information–the goal is get frantic and time-pressed shoppers to click to your site, not get stuck reading a long email.

The key is to have a one-line zinger (such as “don’t get left out in the cold”) along with a clear and simple CTA button.

Create a Cyber Monday Abandoned Cart Email Sequence. According to Barilliance, the average cart abandonment rate on Black Friday to Cyber Monday 2014 was 65%.

Abandoned cart email sequences can re-engage the “ones who got away.” Create an enticing, customized version for Cyber Monday shoppers, and you may very well find them scurrying back to check out.

#3: Use Cyber Monday As an Opportunity to Sell Excess Inventory.

You may be thinking to yourself “our business can’t offer price cuts on hot items like the large retailers do.”

Fret not–this is the perfect opportunity to use exclusive offers to sell inventory that may be in excess.

It may very well be that there are still high levels of a particular product left in stock because the price is too high. Take this opportunity to move it…and get new customers in the door while you’re at it.

You’ve got 34 days left to get your ducks in a row and position your store for a successful Cyber Monday.

Don’t wait around before it’s too late–put these tips to good use now!

If you haven’t quite utilized abandoned cart email sequences before–no worries. Check out our post Successful Abandoned Cart Series Blueprint to get you on the right track! 


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