Based out of Los Angeles, California, StrongProject is a modern office furniture resource that handles all the details of bringing modern office designs to reality—from preliminary planning to shipping and installing modern office furniture nationwide.

StrongProject was struggling to create copy that illustrated the “wow” factor of their modern office furniture when it is seen in person. Clients want to work with StrongProject because their contemporary office furniture single-handedly captures the uniqueness, progressiveness, and personality of the client’s brand. StrongProject’s web copy, however, did not translate this experience.

StrongProject needed a brand message that encompasses what clients experience when their commercial interiors are transformed through StrongProject’s office furniture. And most important, the modern office furniture company needed optimized web copy so their prospects could easily find StrongProject through a simple search.

Our copywriters crafted a brand message that captured the experience of transforming office interiors with StrongProject’s contemporary office furniture. We wrote optimized web copy that not only invokes desire and inspiration, but also invites the reader to reimagine their office environment with the modern, progressive touch of StrongProject’s office furniture.

We also optimized the web content, making the site very SEO friendly and easy for the visitor to navigate and explore, right down to the specific gallery pages. Working alongside the web designer, we even helped plan the best layout for the SEO web content so that viewers can easily contact and interact with the company.

StrongProject now has a stunning website that is fully optimized, speaks to their commercial audience, and inspires visitors to reconfigure their office layout with StrongProject’s design tool. Best of all, visitors can now easily find the company through a simple Google search, and the website content invokes a strong emotional response so that prospects are moved to work with StrongProject.

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