The Analyst Coach

The Analyst Coach is Teresa Bennett, an expert Business Analyst who has worked in industries ranging from financial services to cable television. She offers coaching services and online and in-person training.

The Analyst Coach website was over three years old and in need of an update. The website’s look was outdated, and the website copy did not adequately convey the services and results Teresa offers her clients. Several of the Business Analyst certification courses offered were not on the website, and many offerings were too generalized and not targeted to her prospects’ specific needs. In addition, bounce rates were high, at 75.46 %, and the site overall wasn’t converting.

The Analyst Coach needed a website that was flexible enough to change as the business grew, and the site needed a fresh, more professional look appropriate to the target audience. And it required better search engine optimization.

Teresa approached Sūmèr’s professional copywriters to rewrite and optimize the website, and then to create the plan to drive traffic to the site and increase conversions.

With a growing demand for mobile and tablet optimization, our team took a multifaceted approach to the overall solution.

  • Added new certified Analyst classes, and clarified the coaching offerings to make it easy to see what is available.
  • Wrote optimized website copy that makes the site easy to find on search engines.
  • Improved mobile-friendly navigation including a top menu bar and drop-downs.
  • Added compelling and clear calls to action on every page.

When comparing the two months prior to launch with two months after launch, the improved website copy resulted in:

  • A 118% increase in site visits.
  • Bounce rates that dropped from 70.46% to 17%.
  • A 30% increase in opt-ins.
  • More inquiry calls from site visitors in the 3 weeks post-launch than in the 6 months pre-launch.
  • A 20% increase in mobile traffic.
  • A 24% increase in tablet traffic.
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