How to Use a Customer Avatar to Create Prospect Characters


Let’s imagine that you wake up one day to find yourself stranded on a deserted island.

Sure, it seems like an odd predicament for a simple business owner like yourself, but you’re there, surrounded by nothing but sand and endless miles of dark blue ocean waters.

You pick yourself up off the sand and begin to walk the shoreline, desperate to find any sign of life.

In the midst of gazing across the ocean horizon you see a ship approaching.

Your rescue is here, and you’ve never been more excited in your life.

The ship anchors itself in the deep water, and you watch a man climb into a dingy and paddle to the shore. As he gets closer, you notice that he is dressed in tattered pirate garb.

You catch a whiff of rum in the ocean breeze.

He finally gets close enough to you, and you suddenly recognize his face. Lo and behold, you’re standing in front of Captain Jack Sparrow.

He greets you and then offers you a deal to rescue you from being stranded on the island. He’s a bloody pirate for goodness sake; you’re not getting anything free.

He hands you a glass bottle with a note inside that contains a riddle:

“I desire a drink made from raw sugarcane

And a long-haired companion before the full moon wanes.”

Luckily for you, you’ve seen all 5 Pirates of the Caribbean movies multiple times, and instantly know that all Captain Jack Sparrow wants is a bottle of rum and a beautiful woman.

Why do you know this? Because you are familiar with Captain Jack’s character.

You understand his personality traits, his needs, and his desires. You have a clear understanding of who he is as a person, and therefore, you have the power to give him what he wants.

You might now be thinking…that’s great…but how is this information of any use to me?

Well matey, because just like in the movies, you and your prospects are characters starring in your very own movie called life.

Once you’re able to analyze your characters (prospects), you have the power to understand exactly what they need from your company.

And chances are that, if you give them what they need—a solution to their problem via your product/service—they’re going to give you what you want in return…a sale.

How do you analyze your potential prospects in order to write stellar marketing content? You develop prospect characters by creating a customer avatar.

Keep reading to discover how you can use a customer avatar to write stellar marketing content.

Customer Avatar

Simply put, a customer avatar is a detailed profile of your target customer. It highlights information such as your prospect’s needs, desires, or challenges.

Our favorite avatar model consists of the following 5 components…

Component 1

The first component consists of gathering information on your customer avatar demographics. This includes the basics such as age, gender, career, income, and more.

To demonstrate, we are going to pretend again, except this time, instead of being stranded on an island, we are going to be owners of an organic textile business.

Knowing this information, we are going to create the first component in our business’s customer avatar.

Check out my example below to see all the information you need to include:

You now have your basic customer avatar (character).

Keep in mind that we didn’t just pick these details out of thin air.

Make sure you take the time to think about an individual person who would need your product, and build your avatar around him or her.

Component 2

Component 2 consists of goals and values. It’s important to understand the reasons why your prospect thinks or feels a certain way.

List what you believe the goals and values of your prospect are, like the example below.

Always keep these goals and values in mind. They should be used for:

  • Product creation
  • Copywriting
  • Content marketing

Component 3

The point of component 3 is to make you think about where you’re going to find your prospect.

The “where” answers the question of which medium you will use to target your prospect with your content.

If you’re stuck thinking about where you might find your prospect, use the “But no one else would” trick as follows…

  • My ideal customer would read [BOOK], but no one else would.
  • My ideal customer would subscribe to [MAGAZINE], but no one else would.
  • My ideal customer would attend this [CONFERENCE], but no one else would.

 Component 4

Component 4 is all about discovering your prospect’s challenges and pain points.

It’s important to have an understanding of what your prospect struggles with.

This will help you tailor your content to work as a solution for your prospect’s problem.

Component 5

Last, but definitely not least, is component 5, which explores your avatar’s objections and role in the purchase process.

Knowing this allows you to stay one step ahead of your prospects and address their objections before they even have time to think about them.

Understanding these things about your prospect is vital to your marketing strategy. Use them as you begin to build your strategy.


You’ve now built your customer avatar and should be able to look at your prospects as individual characters instead of mysterious people walking down the street.

It’s amazing how writing down a few simple character traits can help you as your flesh out your marketing content.

What’s that you say…you have more than one type of person in your target audience?

Wonderful. Build 2, 3, 10, or as many avatars as it takes to direct your marketing content strategy.

Good luck developing your characters! We’re off to find Captain Jack, the beach, and a bottle of that rum.

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