How to Use SlideShare for Content Strategy

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Did you know SlideShare is the number one B2B presentation platform in the world? In fact, SlideShare receives 500 percent more traffic than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. If you’re looking for a gathering of B2B professionals, look no further than SlideShare.

With SlideShare, anyone can easily upload a deck and give a presentation to millions of people, like this one published in May that has over a million views:


Regardless of the view count, chances are there’s a deck on SlideShare that aligns with your message. If you recall in last weeks post, we brought up how to add social media content to your blog posts. Thanks to WordPress, all you have to do is drop in the URL.

You don’t have to be technically savvy to take advantage of the online media available to you. To find a deck best fit for your purposes, go to SlideShare and search for it, like so…

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Let’s say you’re in the pet niche and you want to educate your audience about a topic relevant to your market. To find a supporting deck, simply search, locate, and copy the URL in WordPress.

Boom. This entire process takes about 2 minutes. Not only is it easy to do, it’s also fast.

Benefits of SlideShare

After looking at several SlideShare decks, you will notice most of them use branding — they link back to a website or let you know the company behind the deck. This is smart marketing. You could take it even further by providing a call to action (CTA) to your deck, so you can encourage people to visit your website to get more information.

The benefits of having a nice traffic-driving deck on SlideShare include…

  • Traffic. As people search SlideShare and Google, they’ll come across your deck if you use target the keywords they’re looking for. Additionally, as people share your deck, your content markets itself.
  • Authority. By creating compelling content that answers questions, educates the market, and speaks from experience, you’ll increase your chances of becoming an expert in your market.
  • Networking. SlideShare is more than deck sharing. There is a community of active B2B business owners in it, too. By sharing, commenting, and interacting, you will meet more people in your market and possibly develop new partnerships.

Now that you’re more aware of the benefits of SlideShare, you probably want to create a deck of your very own. Before you do, read over the following tips to creating a better SlideShare deck.

 3 Tips for a Good SlideShare Deck

  1. Use compelling images. People use SlideShare because it’s visual. This is the first tip because it’s the most important. Look at these popular decks to see best practices for using images.
  2. Keep copy minimal. Aim for no more than 16 words per slide. Some decks break this rule. Your mileage may vary. What you should not do is overload a slide with text.
  3. End with a CTA. The CTA is your grand finale — don’t forget to give one. If a person goes through your whole deck, it means they’re interested in your content. Don’t let them down! Give them more by directing them to visit your website.

Building a compelling and informative deck will drive traffic to your website. If you’re having trouble with the images and creating the slides, you could hire someone on Fiverr  to do it for you.

SlideShare is a way to use content to generate traffic. Once you experience an increase in visitors, wouldn’t you like to take advantage of more traffic? Would you like some help with your website’s conversions?

If you answered a resounding, “YES!” to these questions, then go here to get a website copy review.

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