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Get a Strategic Plan That Drives Leads and Conversions with Our Content Marketing Services

Having a content marketing strategy in place helps businesses increase conversions six times faster than using other methods. (Content Marketing Institute)

Not sure if you need content marketing services?

If you are…

  • Consistently trying to generate blogs, newsletters, and web copy that don’t convert
  • Feeling directionless as you throw together content on the fly
  • Not taking the time to evaluate your audience and create a customer avatar

…it’s likely that you’re missing one key component of a content marketing strategy that drives both leads and conversions…Planning.

Curious Why Planning Is So Crucial?

The Success of Our Content Marketing Services Starts with a Plan

Step one in The Content Conversion Code involves analyzing your current situation so you know where you are and then creating a strategy to reach your revenue goals.

This requires identifying top initiatives for lead generation, lead conversion, and automation.

During the planning process, our content marketing services help you…

  • Establish revenue, traffic, and conversion goals.  
  • Analyze your current situation–from website performance to competition.
  • Create customer avatars.
  • Develop lead generation and nurturing strategy.
  • Create a content calendar for blogging, email campaigns, and content assets.

Regardless of whether you’ve just started creating a content campaign or are in the midst of it, strategic planning is vital during all 5 phases of our content marketing process.

What Clients Have to Say about Our Content Marketing Strategy Services…

“Thank you Sūmèr for your continued support in my growth! My new content marketing strategy has been fantastic. Their expertise and content strategy has been key for our conversions. It also gives me peace of mind knowing my copywriting is as strategic as it can be, clearly communicating to my audience.” – Lee Heyward, Style with Lee Heyward, Style with Lee

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