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Attract Qualified Leads with SEO Copywriting  

It’s vital that your baseline marketing message is consistent, reflects your brand personality, clearly explains your offerings, and demonstrates the value you offer throughout all your content.

It’s also about making sure your target audience sees your content in the first place.

After all, 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engines. (Junto)

A strategy that offers both?

Meet SEO copywriting.

Position Your Brand with SEO Copywriting

While we know that putting SEO content strategies in place can be an absolute pain in the rear, it’s a necessary evil to drive traffic, rank online, and generate leads.

Luckily for you, our copywriting team knows the ins and outs of writing copy with SEO in mind.

Using strategic positioning–part of our Content Conversion Code process–we’re able to focus your content using highly targeted keywords while crafting a strong foundational message that reflects your brand position. (link to long form post)

Through strategic SEO writing, we help your business…

  • Write optimized website content that is fueled with powerful search terms, links, and metadata.
  • Craft focused blogs, web pages, and other content-targeting customer avatars.
  • Create  in-depth, thought-leadership-based content.
  • Develop positioning guidelines for all your content.
  • Align existing marketing collateral like print ads and flyers with new positioning.

Optimizing your content and positioning your brand can be a very messy and confusing game. Let us simplify things for you…

How Our Copywriting Services Have Helped Clients Outrank Content-Savvy Competitors…

“We have had the pleasure of working with Sumer for over 2 years now on multiple client projects. We are a traditional agency that also runs over $2 million a month in digital traffic. We have brought Sumer in to help our clients improve their copywriting and thereby improve conversion rates and profitability in their marketing campaigns.  

One of the most exciting finds was that the blog content they put together often times outperformed our client’s landing pages with respect to conversion rates. We thought it was a crazy thing to even test when we first tested it, but now we find when content is written well by copywriters who understand digital marketing, you can get incredible results.  We aren’t just happy with the insanely great results their copywriting has gotten our clients, we also find that they have been easy to work with and all of our clients have absolutely loved working with them as well.”-Kevin Milani, MCQ

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