There’s No Such Thing as a Boring Topic. There’s Only Bland Content.

bland contentDo you find car insurance really exciting? 99.9% of the population probably doesn’t.

So how do you create copy that grabs attention and sells a commonplace product or service such as insurance? It’s much easier than you’d think.

Look no further than the Geico Gecko—that adorable green guy who breathed life into a plain industry, and prompted a ton of people to purchase Geico insurance.

With that in mind, here’s the cold, hard truth about copywriting for a straightforward niche…

Even if you sell medical supplies or garage door installation, you can take steps to make your content more attractive and exciting for prospects. The key to curb reader boredom is to add variety and surprise to your message.

We suggest using multiple venues to reach your core audience. Think of it this way: if a niche exists, there is an audience for it. For maximum exposure, you’ll reach the widest audience with greater content availability.

Before we outline how to give your copywriting more pizazz, keep in mind these 3 simple guidelines.

  1. There’s no content template. Copywriting rules are for suckers. Even for straightforward service offerings such as lawn care or industrial cleanup, no template will help you write a unique and compelling message.
  1. If you believe in the subject, so will the audience. If someone says your products and services are Plain Jane, simply smile and ignore that person. You started your business because you have an important skill. Express passion and value in the copy, and prospects will follow your lead.
  1. Be a copywriting renegade. Closely investigate other content, and take note of the similarities in your marketplace. Armed with that knowledge, you can break the mold and attract the most conversion-ready prospects.

There’s a line between professional and lighthearted copy, but just about any prospect will turn away if it’s too cold and clinical. Even for the most ordinary products and services, the audience is made up of human beings!

Keep that in mind as you build content for blogs, emails, sales pages, and your website.

Blog Content: Take a Multi-Angle Approach

Predictability counters originality. Create blog content that highlights your industry from more than one angle.

One week feature a story-based case study that explains what happened for a certain customer. After that, post an interview you conducted with a client. In the next post, offer strategies for using your product or service.

Email Marketing: Use the Cliffhanger Method

Who doesn’t love a little intrigue and drama? In your nurture sequences, cliffhanger storytelling piques curiosity and ramps up click-through rates. Start with a subject line that grabs attention, such as “Why his mom begged him to do it.”

Then start a story about what life was like for a customer before he bought from you. Stir in details about the people around him. But don’t reveal everything. To find out what happened, prospects will have to click to the sales page.

Sales Page Copy: Story, Story, Story, and More Story

We suggest spending roughly 40% of your writing time on headlines. Even after you’ve generated interest with email or blog content, readers will still scan your sales page. So take the 5 seconds you have, and keep them reading with a headline that introduces a story…

Confession: I Had to Nearly Die Before I Learned this Stress-Release Strategy

After the headline, it’s time to deliver the goods. Detail a personal story about what life was like for yourself or a stand-in customer. Even if you write about a “boring” topic, reach down for the most captivating storytelling material.

After all, you might be fined a hefty sum for not carrying insurance. And garage door sensors save people from devastating accidents. So no matter what the product or service is, there’s an important story that can go with it.

Website Messaging: The Customer is the Star

It’s paramount to describe what you offer, but it’s even more important to showcase how your business positively affects customers’ lives. For everyday niches, it’s especially important that you concentrate less on the product, and more on the person.

A commonplace item such as a home security system protects families and assets. Compelling web copy would concentrate on that idea, instead of the product features. No one cares that much about a well-lit security keypad when they want to keep their families safe.

In the end, all you really need is passion about what you do. Add that in to your copywriting, and your content will pack a punch.

For a message that excites and converts, check out our copywriting services.


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