The Cutest Patriotic Pets You’ve Ever Seen

In honor of the Fourth of July, the adorable four-legged friends at Sūmèr wanted to share their patriotic spirit. We hope you find as much delight in them as we did during the photo shoots! For our readers in the U.S., have a safe holiday weekend! May it be filled with BBQs, ...Read More

Copywriting Strategies for the Love and Relationships Industry

Photo credit: Leland Francisco When it comes to copywriting strategies specific to the love and relationship industry, creating audience-centric content is rule #1. No matter whether your business offers dating advice, develops strategies for self-confidence, or helps married couples rekindle passion, your prospects feel a very distinct pain. Their love life stinks. Or ...Read More

Welcome to the Team: Noor

Dear Reader, we’re beyond excited to introduce our new canine office manager, Noor. Noor is sassy, has loads of energy, and has more personality than she knows what to do with. Quite frankly, she’s a diva. With joining the Sūmèr team comes her newfound fame. She’ll soon be gracing our website, Facebook, ...Read More

Copywriting Strategies for the Education Industry

Image credit:Pete Welcome to the next installment in our industry-specific Copywriting Strategies series. In case you missed the first blog on financial planning content, it’s available for you right here. In this post, we’re revealing what our years of experience have taught us about content marketing for the education industry. Since 2012, ...Read More

Brand Alignment Starts with Customer Service

Brand alignment involves more than a thorough brand strategy, a consistent identity, and a clear message. It also involves customer service. Sadly and too often, companies undo their branding efforts with mismatched customer service. In all the hubbub involved with a business owner’s never-ending to-do list, it’s easy to fall into a ...Read More

Improve Your About Page with Screenwriting Strategies

Photo credit: Satish Viswanath If you want to improve your About Page, look no further than the strategies used by screenwriters. Many of the techniques translate well into conversion-ready copy for your website, as their storytelling involves conflict and resolution. To craft more engaging content, take a page out of the screenwriter playbook ...Read More

Website Copy Conversion Strategies: The Agitate and Solve Technique

Photo credit: SeniorLiving.Org When it comes to website copy conversion strategies, the Agitate and Solve Technique is a proven method. The premise is simple: your website content highlights an understanding of problems and then offers a solution. Professional copywriters will twist the knife and then give the audience a sigh of relief. ...Read More

Copywriting Strategies for the Financial Planning Industry

Introducing our Copywriting Strategies series! Each month, Copy Doodle readers will gain access to industry-specific content marketing information that you can’t get anywhere else. Whether you work in the realm of education or you are in charge of creating marketing content for a large corporation, you will receive crucial action steps that ...Read More

11 DOs and DON’Ts to Improve Your Calls to Action

The calls to action featured on your website, sales pages, landing pages, and even your blogs don’t come with a guarantee of effectiveness, no matter how awesome your marketing content is. In our years of giving audiences no-brainer reasons to pick up the phone, enter their email, or whip out their credit ...Read More

Landing Page Headlines That Convert Traffic into Customers

Photo credit: Landing page headlines are a tricky little devil, but luckily the Sūmèr copywriters have a best practices guide right here. In fact, we suggest printing out this step-by-step blog and hanging it up at your workstation. To write effective headlines that compel your sales page traffic to read your ...Read More
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