Low Converting VSLs: Is It Copy or Delivery? (Hint: It’s Not Delivery)

When it comes to video sales letters, many entrepreneurs get apprehensive. Low converting VSLs are a drag, especially given the amount of work that goes into creating a compelling presentation. Therein lies the problem. Low converting VSLs stem from lackluster messaging, not from how you (or even an actor) delivers the content. ...Read More

B2B Holiday Gift-Giving: Our Top 5 Gifts of the Season

If you read our last post about B2B gift-giving, we shared with you the importance of selecting the right present for building business relationships this holiday season. If you’re like us, you’ve been mulling over the best holiday gifts to give your clients and colleagues. Mull no more! We’ve taken out the ...Read More

Miss Manners Guide to B2B Holiday Gift Giving

We have a confession to make. We love Miss Manners. Without her, we wouldn’t know how to politely decline that cousin-we-never-met’s wedding. Or how to properly cut a steak. Or how to not act like Neanderthals. We think Miss Manners would be appalled by the lack of proper business to business holiday ...Read More

[CASE STUDY] How We Generated Over $85,000.00 In 5 Weeks

      Challenge The client approached us with an idea to sell a virtual group membership program to their list, and was unsure how to go about a successful launch. The first challenge Sūmèr identified was that the list had been sporadically nurtured with high-quality, free content, and had never been ...Read More

5 Best Practices to Keep Your Brand Storytelling Relevant

The Internet is polluted with tips, tricks, and advice on how to do just about anything. Because of this, the number one question most businesses are continually wondering is how they can make their brand stand out and remain relevant. Wonder no more! For all you Copy Doodle readers, we’ve compiled our ...Read More

3 Headline Writing Tips for Jumpstarting Your Creativity

Do you ever feel stuck when writing headlines? In this post, we’re going to help you with that. Before we get into the tips that will help you, we have a disclaimer to make: there is no “magical” headline writing formula. There are suggestions grounded in human psychology, but ultimately your headline ...Read More

How DIY Website Copy Kills Sales

Important announcement about DIY website copy: doing it yourself may mess up your website. Can you write your own website copy and have it convert for you? Absolutely. But I bet that if your website was converting like you want it to, or if you really had the time, the drive, and ...Read More

3 Ways To Uncover Your Brand Story

If you’re sold on using story in your marketing content (I’m betting if you are reading this, you probably are), you might be suffering from story paralysis. Story paralysis looks something like this: YES! I totally need to add story to my boring content. WAIT! What story should I tell? OH! I ...Read More

How to Make Your Video Sales Letter Script Sound Natural

  Have you ever listened to a video sales letter (VSL) that sounded robotic and dull? We sure have, and it’s worse than listening to sharp nails on a chalkboard. VSLs have the power to captivate both the eyes and ears of a prospect, so it’s no wonder why so many brands ...Read More

[Case Study] How We Got 9x ROI For a Virtual Program Launch

Challenge Our client wanted to launch a new 2-month, $1,999 virtual program that attracted members of their list and new leads who were just starting out in their business. The bulk of the client’s list was business owners; however, the goal of this campaign was to engage a different part of the ...Read More
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