Top 10 Copywriting Tips

photo credit: Sam Churchill We fancy ourselves masters of all things content marketing. From inbound marketing funnels to email nurture sequences to and content strategy—we love it all. There is one thing, however, that we cherish above all else as our first love, our numero uno… Copywriting. It’s our foundation. Our copy ...Read More

A Tribute to Our Beloved Mama Mia

Mama Mia was not only our office manager and company mascot, but also our friend and source of constant joy. Today, our team, our clients, and friends mourn her passing. She was a good sport and was always willing to try new things. (The photos alone vouch for her fun-loving spirit and ...Read More

A Look Back As Sūmèr Turns 6

We might not act like it, but Sūmèr is officially out of its toddler years! As we reach our sixth year of producing clear messaging for our amazing clients, we want to say thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Our team is so grateful to be able to ...Read More

Content Marketing: Where it’s Headed

Photo credit: Karoly Czifra Ah, the ever-evolving world of content marketing. From the need to enhance user experience to rapidly updating technology, there are many factors at play, and small business owners need to adapt. In our years of professional copywriting and content marketing, we’ve learned how to predict what the future holds ...Read More

5 Customer Nurturing Strategies for B2B Companies

Attention: B2B companies. Your customers want you to stop selling. According to survey data from DemandGen Report, 68% of B2B buyers want companies to cut down on direct sales messaging. (In other words, please toss out the blatant “buy this now” content.) It’s not that B2B buyers have locked their credit cards ...Read More

Innovative Reasons to Connect with Your Followers

Photo credit: Maria Elena Find innovative reasons to email your customers to differentiate yourself from your competition and increase conversion rates. One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is to only send emails when they want to sell something to their customers. This is the quickest way for customers to move your ...Read More

Website Copywriting: What a Successful Launch Looks Like

In proper Sūmèr tradition, we are celebrating alongside a few of our clients for their recent website launches. There’s nothing as exciting as seeing a successful launch after weeks of optimizing web copy and surmounting challenges. In the words of Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect: crushed it. Please join us in celebrating ...Read More

How to Get Blog Content Shared in the B2B Marketplace

Image credit: Blog content helps your business attract quality leads, position you as the expert, showcase your unique approach to solving a specific problem or pain, and increase social media followings. That’s great and all, but blog content won’t do you much good if your traffic doesn’t read or share it. ...Read More

Web Copy Hooks: How to Wow Your Site Traffic

Web copy hooks—you need a real throat-grabber to pique curiosity, maintain attention, and ultimately engage your prospect to the point of conversion. So how do you create a hook that does all that? For most people, identifying a conversion-ready hook amounts to one of three ideas. “I know an effective hook when ...Read More

Time to Update Website Copy—Google’s Watching

It’s time to update website copy. Pronto. Last week—that’s when your website copy really needed a conversion-ready boost. Two days ago, on April 21, Google rolled out its newest SEO update. (Read Google’s official statement here.) Long story short, search rankings now factor in your website’s mobile performance. As if the sea ...Read More
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