3 Best Practices for Writing Product Descriptions

Product descriptions can make or break an ecommerce site. If they’re poorly written or don’t offer your visitors the information they are looking for right then and there, then you’ll lose sales. But if you can wow visitors with some copy that really speaks to them, then you’re not just selling them ...Read More

Small Business Blog Best Practices for the New Year

The New Year is upon us. For small business owners, it’s time to think about where you’ll go in the next 12 months—and (hopefully) that means you’ve focused part of your customer engagement plans on blogging. Or maybe you’re thinking it’s time to put the kibosh on your small business blog. Our ...Read More

5 Pillars of Copywriting that Converts

Effective copywriting strategies boil down to two elements. Does the content promote a reaction from the intended target audience? While getting a reaction (instead of a shoulder shrug) is paramount in good copywriting, it’s only half of the equation. The second part of impactful content is whether or not you produce copywriting ...Read More

Holiday Marketing: Take Note of These E-Commerce Trends

Internet marketers have been busy, and for good reason. Because… Holiday marketing is the cornerstone of higher conversation rates in December. But if you’re gearing up to end the year with higher profits, it’s important to first take a look at the numbers—specifically, what holiday marketing data reveals to online businesses. We’re ...Read More

B2C Post Purchase Sequences: How to Nurture Product Buyers

With a 2-second Google search, marketers and business owners will find a cornucopia of post purchase sequence guidelines. That is, as long as you run a B2B business. On the other hand, e-commerce and product-based businesses are left out. Our professional copywriters have written quite a few B2C post purchase sequences, and ...Read More

Your Website Message: The Most Overlooked Element of UX

User experience or UX—whatever you want to call it, it’s the make-or-break factor that determines whether or not your website is sales-ready. So much of the best practice advice on UX focuses on website functionality, de-bugging, speedy load times, and a slew of other technical ins-and-outs. But the often forgotten element is ...Read More

Sūmèr Gives Thanks

Today, our team has set out to have our fill of turkey, football, and maybe even a little Black Friday nudging and shoving (whoops, I mean shopping!). Before we inevitably fall into food-induced comas, our Sūmèr family wants to share our gratitude. If you ask a bunch of copywriters to list what ...Read More

Our Top 5 MUST-Read Marketing Blogs

Learning from each other is something the marketing industry thrives on, and we always love expanding our trade knowledge. In the spirit of giving thanks, we’d like to give a shout-out to some of the best minds in the industry–companies and individuals who are our go-to experts. Check out these 5 marketing ...Read More

Low Converting VSLs: Is It Copy or Delivery? (Hint: It’s Not Delivery)

When it comes to video sales letters, many entrepreneurs get apprehensive. Low converting VSLs are a drag, especially given the amount of work that goes into creating a compelling presentation. Therein lies the problem. Low converting VSLs stem from lackluster messaging, not from how you (or even an actor) delivers the content. ...Read More

B2B Holiday Gift-Giving: Our Top 5 Gifts of the Season

If you read our last post about B2B gift-giving, we shared with you the importance of selecting the right present for building business relationships this holiday season. If you’re like us, you’ve been mulling over the best holiday gifts to give your clients and colleagues. Mull no more! We’ve taken out the ...Read More
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