Content Marketing Resources We’re Thankful for

Our team is setting out to have our fill of food, football, and family (our favorite alliteration!). We cannot express how incredibly thankful we are for our amazing clients and Copy Doodle readers who allow us to do what we love each and every day—to those in the USA, we hope you ...Read More

B2B Holiday Gift Giving: Our Top 5 Picks of the Season

Selecting the appropriate gifts to send clients and vendors is not always an easy task. We know firsthand how tricky B2B holiday gift giving can be—searching for the perfect gift that makes the right (and lasting) impression can be a daunting project. If you’ve been mulling over the best holiday gifts to ...Read More

The One Thing Preventing More Website Conversions

When we talk with business owners about website performance, we find that many drive themselves bonkers over mediocre or non-existent website conversions. If you think creating website copy that converts traffic into customers is as complicated as molecular physics, you’ll want to keep reading this post. We’re going to prove to you ...Read More

14 Email Marketing Strategies for Success

Email marketing is here to stay. In fact 73% of online businesses claim email marketing as their chief mode of communication—this according to Pardot. (Source: While email marketing is central to most businesses, it’s not inherently successful. That’s why we’ve collected our 14 best email marketing strategies. First, we need to ...Read More

Marketing Content That Sells: The Brunch Model

Photo credit: Rob Bertholf When it comes to marketing content that sells, our professional copywriters use The Brunch Model as a measuring stick of quality. No, The Brunch Model isn’t a new software platform that measures the emotional impact of a sales page headline. Nor is it a book of marketing techniques penned ...Read More

[Video] 5 Commandments for Product Descriptions that Sell

For product-based businesses to increase website and landing page conversions, product descriptions that sell are crucial. You can’t expect a potential customer to fork over a credit card number when all you provide is a product photo and a one-line description. Successful product descriptions go beyond telling the audience what something is. ...Read More

15 Ways to Show Customer Appreciation

Image credit: Carnie Lewis Business relationships—whether it’s B2B or B2C—are just like any other relationships. The fundamentals of a healthy relationship begin with reciprocal appreciation. If one party doesn’t show appreciation toward the other, an imbalance causes the underappreciated individual to search elsewhere for balance. This is exactly what customers do when they feel ...Read More

Low-Converting Sales Page Diagnosis and Treatment

A low-converting sales page can often be puzzling, even frustrating. Especially when, no matter what tweaks you make, nothing increases conversions. If you’ve spent hours writing sales page content that doesn’t convert, fret not. A low-converting sales page presents you with a golden opportunity to improve your overall marketing message and increase ...Read More

5 Simple Strategies to Create Blogs That Convert

Blogs that convert…you need them to gain traction with prospects and sell products and services through education. But there’s a major difference in blogs that convert and those that simply take up space. We’ve developed 5 methods to ensure your blog articles make an impact with your audience. Before we launch into ...Read More

[Case Study] How 1 Custom “Online Sales Funnel” Sold 6 Figures of Product for a Holistic Doctor

This is a guest post by our latest partner here at Sūmèr, Ryan Niessen. Ryan was the marketing manager at a multi million-dollar online education company for 3 years before leaving to help entrepreneurs increase their impact and income through the power of great copy and smart online sales funnels. The 2-Fold ...Read More
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