High-Performance Website Copy Starts With Strategy

High-performance website copy—you know you need it, but you don’t know where to begin. Does that scenario sound familiar? In the preliminary stages of strategizing your new website and the messaging needed to attract, engage, and convert, it’s easy for overwhelm to set in. We know all about that confusion and uncertainty. ...Read More

10 Big Digital Marketing Ideas from Traffic & Conversion 2015

Traffic & Conversion is my favorite event of the year. Ryan Deiss and the Digital Marketer crew never hold back on sharing what’s working for them, the attendees are amazing entrepreneurs and all-around awesome people, and I get to catch up with clients and colleagues and have way too much fun. And ...Read More

Website Copywriting: A Tale of Three Launches

The Sūmèr team is in celebration mode with a few of our clients launching new websites. Let’s just say we’ve been busy bees writing optimized website copy lately! It’s a Sūmèr tradition to celebrate alongside our clients (often doing the happy dance), so we wanted to take a hot minute to share ...Read More

Blog Expert Reveals Best Traffic and Engagement Tips

In the digital age, it’s hard to keep track of important changes and trends…the never-ceasing Facebook advertising changes, the best practices of blogging, the trends in content marketing, etc. So when we had the opportunity to interview blog expert Matt Banner, we jumped on it. Banner is a Berkley graduate with a ...Read More

Organic SEO Techniques for Local Businesses

When it comes to organic SEO techniques for local businesses, it’s important to know that search engines don’t automatically rank your website based on location. You might be thinking: how could this be true? After all, when you Google cheeseburger, you get a list of corresponding restaurants within a certain radius. That’s ...Read More

How Brand Loyalty Happens in 3 Steps

Brand loyalty serves as the demarcation line for your overall business performance. As clients keep coming back for more, that’s when running your business becomes a little easier. But just how do you achieve brand loyalty? The ironclad milestone to lock in loyal brand warriors, higher revenues, and raving reviews is to ...Read More

6 Reasons Why Your Sales Page Doesn’t Convert

So your sales page doesn’t convert. Don’t freak out… There are reasons for that low conversion rate—6 of them. Ready to identify and avoid the 6 sales page mistakes that keep your profits at a standstill? Then keep reading. 1.    The sales page has a scattered marketing message. Does the sales page ...Read More

5 All-Time Favorite Copywriting Quotes

Being a professional copywriter may seem to be all bells and whistles for the naive outsider. Don’t be fooled. We may hide under the guise of being the cool coffee house regular and a sharp-tongued wordsmith, but believe us—it’s not all glamour. When you’ve thrown out your first 3 attempts at the ...Read More

Why DIY Copywriting Backfires

DIY copywriting. It’s a very bad, no-good idea. Here’s why: => You lose out on sales and lead generation. => You don’t have the time to run a business and write segmented nurture sequences. => A fresh set of eyes will pull the curtain back on why your website copy, blog content, ...Read More

Increase Website Conversions: 10 Action Steps

Increase website conversions. These 3 words embody the entire mission of your online marketing endeavors. Truth is, it’s not always a cakewalk to pinpoint the exact steps to increase website traffic, generate qualified leads, and add zeros to your profit margins. Luckily, your website copywriting strategies don’t have to equal throwing pasta ...Read More
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