Time to Update Website Copy—Google’s Watching

It’s time to update website copy. Pronto. Last week—that’s when your website copy really needed a conversion-ready boost. Two days ago, on April 21, Google rolled out its newest SEO update. (Read Google’s official statement here.) Long story short, search rankings now factor in your website’s mobile performance. As if the sea ...Read More

Lukewarm Traffic: Go from Maybe to Yes

Lukewarm traffic—they’re a wily bunch. You already know traffic is important to the success of your website. Without traffic, you have no leads. Without leads, no sales. But all traffic isn’t the same—and understanding this is imperative to successfully buying traffic and converting quality leads into paying customers. We’ll start with cold ...Read More

PSA on Strategic Content Marketing: Variety Converts

When it comes to implementing strategic content marketing that converts, please don’t pound your audience over the head with a deluge of identical material. Our copywriters have seen the bad results that come from delivering uniform content over and over again. The audience gets bored. The email marketing list unsubscribes in hordes. ...Read More

Simple Blueprint for Your Successful Sales Funnel

A successful sales funnel…oh, how on Earth do you build your masterpiece? Generating greater audience engagement requires that you take your audience on a journey with you. There are many nuts and bolts to consider as you create your conversion-ready sales funnel. Lucky for you, our professional copywriting team will simplify the ...Read More

Direct Mail Professional Sheds Light on Bulk Mail Marketing

When it comes to direct mail, we go straight to the source: Blase Ciabaton, CEO of Naples Print Source and Editor & Creator of the blog, www.TheDirectMailMan.com. In the years we’ve known Blase (if you’ve been around long enough, Dear Reader, you remember we’ve done a few webinars together), he’s taught us ...Read More

Video Sales Letter Hacks: 101 Guide to Higher Conversion

Video sales letter hacks—yep, we want to make it seamless for you to create VSLs that convert like crazy. If you haven’t thought about integrating a VSL, where have you been? Video sales letters serve as conversion machines that optimize your sales funnel, and our professional copywriters have learned the video sales ...Read More

3 Conversion-Ready Copy Tips

Conversion-ready copy is the bait that turns a prospect into a customer. When your audience clicks off your site, it may not be your service or product they’re rejecting, but rather your copy. The phrase “won’t sell itself” is an apt one in the realm of digital marketing, because unless you are ...Read More

Relevant Product Copy: How to Wine and Dine ‘Em

The goal for any product copy should be to convert, so if you’re seeing visitors sans the sales, it’s time to make some changes to the online shopping experience. Reevaluating your approach—from conception to application—isn’t always an easy task. We suggest you start with the core message, namely, your product copy. Tweaking ...Read More

One Simple Strategy to Deepen Customer Relationships

Nurture sequences deepen customer relationships. If you’ve been in digital marketing for more than a week, that statement is a no-brainer. The problem with nurture sequences: it takes a thorough email marketing strategy to establish and build a rapport with your people. Think of your pre- and post-purchase email campaigns like a ...Read More

7 Call To Action Mistakes That Cost You Conversions

Call to action mistakes bear much weight on your website conversions (not to mention your sales page conversions as well). The trouble is that it’s difficult to pinpoint these call to action mistakes before they make a dent in your profit margin. Not to worry, because our team of professional copywriters will ...Read More
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