Relevant Product Copy: How to Wine and Dine ‘Em

The goal for any product copy should be to convert, so if you’re seeing visitors sans the sales, it’s time to make some changes to the online shopping experience. Reevaluating your approach—from conception to application—isn’t always an easy task. We suggest you start with the core message, namely, your product copy. Tweaking ...Read More

One Simple Strategy to Deepen Customer Relationships

Nurture sequences deepen customer relationships. If you’ve been in digital marketing for more than a week, that statement is a no-brainer. The problem with nurture sequences: it takes a thorough email marketing strategy to establish and build a rapport with your people. Think of your pre- and post-purchase email campaigns like a ...Read More

7 Call To Action Mistakes That Cost You Conversions

Call to action mistakes bear much weight on your website conversions (not to mention your sales page conversions as well). The trouble is that it’s difficult to pinpoint these call to action mistakes before they make a dent in your profit margin. Not to worry, because our team of professional copywriters will ...Read More

8 Methods to Leverage Small Business Self-Promotion

Small business self-promotion—it’s a little complicated. In the world of digital marketing, the idea of “tooting your own horn” makes many entrepreneurs queasy. On one hand, self-promotion for small businesses equates to necessity. How do you get the word out if you don’t self-promote? On the other hand, the idea of a ...Read More

Personal Branding Strategist Styles You to Land Potential Clients

Personal Style Strategist and Wardrobe Consultant, Lee Heyward, is one of our favorite people. She brands your personal image—and she does it incredibly well. She has a simple philosophy: up-level your, wardrobe and you’ll up-level your life. Heyward encourages people to dress like the leaders they are or the leaders they hope ...Read More

Marketing Copy Strategies: Game of Thrones Edition

When it comes to marketing copy strategies, you’ll find useful techniques in unlikely places. Even in an awesome television series where beloved characters bite the dust every week. (For the non-fans out there, I’m talking about HBO’s Game of Thrones.) To explain how this series applies to your overall marketing copy strategy, ...Read More

How to Write High-Converting Video Sales Letters

When it comes to high-converting video sales letters (VSLs), you might find yourself with more questions than answers. Questions such as…. Do I need a professional copywriter to create the message? Should I hire an actor to read the script? Will my VSL cause web traffic to exit the page? Is there ...Read More

Professional Copywriter Profiles: Interview with Melville the Cat

Professional copywriters come in all shapes and sizes. While many of us come from creative writing backgrounds, other copywriting professionals lobotomize mice, hide in grocery bags, and perch on computer keyboards. The newest member of our content marketing team, Melville the Cat, embodies the second origin. When he’s not helping our head ...Read More

High-Performance Website Copy Starts With Strategy

High-performance website copy—you know you need it, but you don’t know where to begin. Does that scenario sound familiar? In the preliminary stages of strategizing your new website and the messaging needed to attract, engage, and convert, it’s easy for overwhelm to set in. We know all about that confusion and uncertainty. ...Read More

10 Big Digital Marketing Ideas from Traffic & Conversion 2015

Traffic & Conversion is my favorite event of the year. Ryan Deiss and the Digital Marketer crew never hold back on sharing what’s working for them, the attendees are amazing entrepreneurs and all-around awesome people, and I get to catch up with clients and colleagues and have way too much fun. And ...Read More
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