4 Ways to Shake Up Your Business Blog

Yes, business blogs should provide valuable content to attract ideal clients, build trust, and showcase authority and expertise. However, it’s not enough to keep your audience interested—no matter how informative and awesome the info is. With attention spans shrinking by the day, your business blog cannot consistently look the same, or you’ll ...Read More

21 Ways to Improve Your Communication

Communication. Sounds simple—we do it every day. We email, we talk on the phone, we text, we tweet, and * gasp * we talk to each other in person. With so much communicating happening at every moment of the day, why is it sometimes so difficult to get your point across clearly? ...Read More

10 Qualities to Look For in an Effective Copywriter

There are concrete qualities that make up the recipe of an effective copywriter. The comprehensive definition of a professional copywriter is a team or individual who creates conversion-ready content that builds brand ambassadorship and provides value to your target market. These results happen when you find a copywriter who studies and understands ...Read More

3 Overlooked Post Purchase Sequence Emails

Post purchase sequences—as you enter this stage of digital marketing, you may feel as if the hard part is over. Your prospect has become a customer, so now it’s time for happy hour. Not quite. After the sale is made, that’s when your customer relationship really begins. Your goal has shifted from ...Read More

3 Ways to Discover Your Business Story

Discovering your business story is a process that requires serious finesse and deep thinking. Before I reveal 3 ways to find your business story, let me share a brief story. We have a client who works in Veterinary Medicine. In our meetings with her, she tells us about the look of relief ...Read More

6 Entrepreneur-Friendly Apps That Increase Productivity

Increasing productivity is a vital component to business success. Yes, that’s the no-brainer statement of the century; however, when 12-hour day fatigue sets in, it’s not so simple to stay productive. You’re a human being, after all. And so are your team members. Luckily, you can rely on a little technology to ...Read More

3 Brand Storytelling Questions You Need to Answer

Brand storytelling works on your behalf to create the personality, image, reputation, and success of your business. When you share your brand story in your marketing content and website copy, you highlight how you serve your clients and why you do it. Brand storytelling, when it’s executed well, is the recipe for ...Read More

User Experience: How to Improve Website Copy

User experience—you might have heard this term tossed around on a number of small business and content marketing blogs. If you think it only has to do with the design and functionality of your website, think again. User experience, commonly referred to as UX, is an umbrella term that describes how your ...Read More

4 Ways to Scale Your Content Marketing

When it comes to scaling your content marketing, it’s easy to fall into overwhelm mode. Let’s face it, crafting expert-level blogs and articles, writing video marketing content, producing videos and Tweets, and promoting webinars takes time. According to recent data collected by Kapost, only 32% of marketers report they are creating enough ...Read More

How to Increase Your Social Media Reach with Periscope

Periscope gives audiences the opportunity to, as its tagline so brilliantly puts it, “explore the world through someone else’s eyes.” As a new venue to increase your social media reach and build a tighter community among your fans and clients, Periscope is the latest marketing trend. The app works like this: users ...Read More
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