Emotional Marketing Copy: Does It Harm Your Conversion Rate?

Emotional marketing copy? Wouldn’t this technique tarnish your credibility, not to mention your conversion rate? No. But there’s a fine line between audience-centric, emotional marketing and content with no logic to back it up. The former comes from a place of solution-focused empathy; the latter fails to reveal the product or service’s ...Read More

The Effective Copywriter Blueprint

What qualities constitute an effective copywriter who creates conversion-ready content that improves the way your target market views your business? To be honest, finding the most effective copywriters…well, it seems like a tough process at first. There’s a good reason for this copywriting difficulty. After all, how many people do you know ...Read More

3 Most Frequent Website Copy Questions Answered

Website copy is the central hub of your overall message. It’s the banner that you as a small business owner carry. Your website content is the Queen Mother of how your audience receives your products and services, relates to your business, and chooses whether or not to buy. Get the picture? When ...Read More

Long-Term Content Marketing Plan: The Successful Blueprint for 2015

Long-term content marketing plans. What the heck are they, and how do they benefit small business owners and Internet marketers? The basic definition is… A sketch of email campaigns, lead magnets, video sales letters, landing pages, etc. Every method you’ll use to communicate with and captivate your audience—there it is, right there ...Read More

Targeted Copy Done Right in 5 Steps

Targeted copy is all about generating content that focuses on the needs, hopes, and desires of your target audience. It has to speak to them on a personal level. It needs to provide solutions to the problems they’re facing in their everyday lives. Naturally, the level of audience engagement and conversion is ...Read More

Outdated Website Content: The Reason You Don’t See Higher Conversions

Outdated website content is a real buzz killer, and it can easily tank your conversion rate. Try as we might, there are only so many fads we can get away with calling vintage or retro. Some things—like a website—just can’t be made chic by staying outdated. We’ve all seen it: the website ...Read More

2015 Digital Marketing Predictions

With everyone sharing his or her marketing predictions for 2015, we would be remiss not to put in our two cents’ worth. You can bet we will be watching the industry trends over the next year, which may be partially due to the team bet we have going. Without further adieu, our ...Read More

Holiday Marketing a Bust? Be Prepared for Next Year

When it comes to holiday marketing, many business owners feel deflated when the sales don’t come rolling in. After all, aren’t millions and millions of people spending more money than usual? Yes, but without a holiday marketing strategy (and the content to back it up) you won’t see the escalating sales numbers ...Read More

Happy Holidays from Our Team to You

Our Sūmèr family hopes everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We don’t know if it’s the spiced eggnog or just the magical feel of Christmas in the air, but we get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside during this time of year. The team talked about what exactly we ...Read More

#TBT to Our Top 5 Blogs of the Year

As the year comes to an end, everyone tends to get a little nostalgic about what has happened in the last 12 months. Apparently Sūmèr is no different. We brought our group of professional copywriters together to go over the best-performing blogs of the past year, and you’d think you’re in a ...Read More
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