Answer These 4 Questions to Increase Website Conversions

To increase website conversions, the marketing content must answer four questions:

#1 Why me?

#2 Why you?

#3  Why this?

#4 Why now?

Answering the “four why” questions is the simplest way to persuasively communicate with and convert prospective customers, as the technique ensures you cover all possible objections.

Before you do anything else today, read this blog to ensure you’re not missing out on higher website conversions.

Answering the “Why Me?” Question

When someone first lands on your website, the first thing he or she thinks about is “why me?”

You have to give people a reason why they should read your message in the first place.

Are you…

  • Solving their problem?
  • Helping them achieve a goal?
  • Reinforcing their beliefs?

All of the above reasons are why people visit your page and read your marketing content. In theory, this is a simple thing to do. In reality, many businesses forget to give visitors a reason to continue reading the website’s content.

Look at the website content below, and you will see how CloudFuel immediately identifies their audience’s needs and offers a solution. This website copy shows value and answers “Why me?” up front.



The website content highlights the issue of complicated logistics, and introduces a tool that not only streamlines the process, but also cuts costs. The audience knows what’s in it for them.

Answering the “Why You?” Question

Once a person has a reason to read your message, the next thing he or she wants to know about is you, the business owner. This is why one of the most highly visited pages on your website is your About Page.

Here are three ways to establish authority to address the “Why you?”

  • It’s not bragging if it’s true. If you have awards or other forms of social proof–such as testimonials or case studies–show them on your site.
  • A history of solving the problem.If you have a record of accomplishment of solving the problem for other people, let the reader know.
  • Personal experience.If you’ve felt the pain a readers are going through, let them know how you found something that helped. This builds empathy, and presents yourself as someone who knows how they feel.

Below is a snippet of biographical website content that answers the question of “Why you?



Dr. Heather Moday’s website includes an About Page that showcases audience-centric techniques.

Look closely at the example above, and you will understand her expertise as a physician. At the same time, you’ll see how the spotlight remains on the target market’s needs.

Answering the “Why This?” Question

The word “this” refers to the product, service, or idea. To answer the “Why this?” question, ensure your content makes the following criteria clear.

  • The product/service solves a problem or prevents a future problem.Think about how readers will benefit once they take the desired action, then let them know about it. Paint a picture for them.
  • The product/service gives the end users a clear advantage.Explain how they will be at an advantage if they buy whatever “this” is. Will it elevate status? Help them get that dream job? Be specific.
  • The product/service is better than the “other” thing.If what you’re selling is better than what your competition sells, let the reader know.

In the example below, you’ll see how the Town & Country Conservatories’ unique product benefits the user. Notice how…

  • The content shows benefits: the client’s home will include an outdoor element.
  • The product gives the client an advantage: the client will enjoy true craftsmanship.
  • The website content separates itself from the pack: the client will have a new structure that looks as if it were part of the original grounds.


Answering the “Why Now?” Question

Once your prospects know they’re in the right place, they like and trust you, and they are interested in the solution you provide, it’s time to close the sale.

The best way to close is to create a sense of urgency. Here are a few ways to go about this:

  • Raise the stakes.If the problem in question is in need of an immediate solution, tell the reader how dire the situation is.
  • Show the early advantage.Show them how they can have a “head start” if they take action now. Offer a bonus, some sort of extra goodie to reward them for making the quick decision.
  • Remind them again of the problem.Turn up the heat and show prospects what they are missing if they don’t act now. Sometimes a reminder of a problem (or perceived future problem) is all we need to move forward and take action.

See the example below for urgency done right. See how the offer boasts instant access as well as leveraging a limited-time discount.



In conclusion…

Your website’s copy sells your business around the world, 24/7. If your website content answers the four WHY questions, it converts while you sleep.

Give your website this test today!

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