The One Thing That Creates Low Online Sales

    When we talk with business professionals who have an awesome product with low online sales, we often hear the following… “I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work…” “I’ve driven traffic with targeted Facebook ads and I’m still not seeing the conversions.” “I’ve added new services based on the needs of my target

6 Pillars That Create Optimal Sales Page Performance

  When it comes to optimal sales page performance, there are 6 make-or-break characteristics that significantly increase your conversion rate. These pillars are: Emotions. Logic. Story. Takeaways. Rollout Proof. Mix together these ingredients, and you get a compelling sales page that turns browsers into buyers. Leave one or more of these pillars out, and you

How to Attract and Engage New Prospects

    There is no shortage of expert advice on how to re-engage lukewarm prospects and existing customers. But what about marketing strategies that cover how to attract and engage new prospects? That’s what you’re about to discover below. First, let’s establish what we mean when we say new prospects. As your products and services

Top 10 Website Copy Strategy Tips

  Website copy—when it’s optimized, clear, and engaging—can be one of the most profitable elements of your online presence. To ensure your website content makes the grade, we’ve put our top 10 website copy strategy blogs in one place. Dig in!  #1. Website Copy Conversion Strategies: The Agitate and Solve Technique  The premise is simple:

6 Content Marketing Trends of 2016

    Succeeding in the digital age requires a comprehensive online strategy. To do that, it’s paramount to stay up-to-date with this year’s hottest, most profitable content marketing trends. Using outdated techniques isn’t going to cut it and can result in turning off your web visitors. Here are this year’s 6 most important trends in

Successful Abandoned Cart Email Series Blueprint

  If you sell products or services online, abandoned cart email series are a vital piece of any successful digital marketing strategy. Without these marketing emails, you’re losing out on major revenue. Before we map out our blueprint for a successful abandoned cart email series, let’s explain why your business needs one. MYTH: people who

How the Star Wars Trailer Exemplifies Successful Content Marketing

                          When it comes to quality copywriting that converts, there is confusion about what successful content marketing does. Long story short, content marketing is about information. It answers questions, overcomes objections, and provides education. It’s not about direct sales. Yes, top-notch white papers, blog

5 Hacks For Increasing Your Blog Traffic

Increasing web traffic

  When it comes to increasing your blog traffic, there are a few Internet marketing hacks that can be a true lifesaver. In 2016, it’s common knowledge that all businesses can benefit tremendously by maintaining a blog on their website. Unfortunately, attracting web visitors is easier said than done. As a result, many businesses have

10 Ways to Increase Website Conversions

website conversion tips

Increase website conversions. Those are the 3 magic words. It sounds like such a simple task to create higher web content engagement and make more sales. Truth is, it’s not always a cakewalk to pinpoint the exact steps to increase website traffic, generate qualified leads, and add zeros to your profit margins. Luckily, you don’t

How to Create a 6-Month Automated Content Marketing Plan

An automated content marketing plan will make your work life 99% easier. If that sounds like a good idea, keep reading. Imagine no longer chasing leads, getting behind on your marketing, or worrying about finding quality prospects. Imagine creating a profitable marketing sequence that’s truly hands-off, where you can make money while you sleep and

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